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Let’s be honest and admit that we enjoy talking about others and knowing certain things about some people.

Perhaps that’s why social media has caught on so well. Because you don’t have to spend two or three hours to talk to one person about someone else when from one scroll you can see the last interesting activity in the life of the subject of your discussion.

Starting from this idea I looked at the recent articles around me and I realized that people enjoy reading about personal experiences.

In the end, it’s more interesting to know what someone has learned from a story than to read a news article, an idea or …. a stupidity.

And if you pay even more attention, you’ll realize that you can even learn something from a post you wrote yourself about what you’ve learned from something.

Wow … a bit tangled, isn’t it? A little, yes, but here’s what I’ve learned from a post that I wrote on my blog a while back titled “What I’ve learned after 3 months of blogging in English.”

1. Personal experience catches on

Remember those moments when you read on other blogs that personal experience catches on? Just so you know, those people were right, and it wasn’t just a theory they wrote for you to just read.

Why do you think that marketers who manage to experiment on their own skin attract more readers on their blog? Because they have the courage to expose that experience. Because people are interested in personal stories.

And do you see how nicely these things tie in?

2. Long posts are not dead

Lately I have started writing longer posts. And I know that at some point I was told by others that maybe I should start writing more often and shorter because people’s time is valuable and they won’t have the time and energy to read these posts.

Well, my dear friend, let me tell you that I am not concerned by traffic and interested in growing in some top 10-20-30.

My goal is to deliver quality content to people who want to learn or know additional stuff that makes their job easier and helps them optimize their time. I think

[Tweet “long posts aren’t dead as long as the content is high quality.”]

3. Admit your mistakes

Maybe it’s common sense or normal but sometimes it’s so hard to admit that you made a mistake, especially when you’ve published your article and someone has go on and say “Well that’s not how you write this …” or “See, you are wrong there, there and there. …”

I know that I’m not a very good writer and that sometimes I mess up so badly you just want to hit me with something, but I have learned to admit and fix my mistakes.

4. The structure of a long post

If you take a look at the post I was telling you about above and the lessons Alin Vlad has learned you will see a post structure where Headings, Images, Bolding, Links and Bullets are used.

Reading a long post is so much easier if it’s well structured. That’s not only my opinion; you will notice it at higher levels as well.



These are the 4 lessons I’ve learned from a blog post that I wrote before on this blog.

So if you’re going to start writing longer posts try using personal experiences (but not too personal, leave a little mystery there), admit your mistakes and give structure to your article.

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