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How to Overcome Brand Evangelist Struggles


Being an evangelist for a company is not a new concept.

I talked about this topic in this blog post and I will also let you know what is the role of an evangelist in a company.

But let me ask you something, is being an evangelist hard or easy? Sometimes it depends on the person, sometimes it depends on the company and sometimes it depends on the context. But what if we put all of these things together, is it easy or hard?

Don’t you ever think that an evangelist is a rock star or a celebrity.

Yes, I know that you are following Guy Kawasaki and you see that he is traveling around the word, writing books and talking to conferences and you think that this is the life you should have as an evangelist. But let me ask you something, how much do you work to deliver great results to your company and to your community? How much time do you invest in learning, practicing and experiencing your industry?

In this blog post you will find the today struggle that an evangelist is having and how he or she can find the solution for it.

Are you ready? Let’s get into the problem.

1. Too much noise

Being an evangelist doesn’t mean that you need to create a lot of content or to be a noisy person. Being an evangelist doesn’t mean that you need to shout it out every time.

Too many evangelist thinks that if they represent a company they should talk very much about the product, about the industry and whatever they think it’s good for their followers. But let me tell you this, when you talk too much and you are too noisy, nobody will want to listen to you.

If you do the same thing on Twitter, Facebook, Google plus and share the same photo on Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest and write the same article on your blog, Medium, Linkedin and Facebook Post, this only means one thing – you are too desperate to get as many people as you can.

What is the solution?

Stop. Listen and research your community. Find the network where they spend their time and start a trusted relationship with them. For example, you can look up at Quora for questions from your industry and write down your answer.


2. The “I wanna be like Guy Kawasaki” syndrome

When I started being an evangelist, I read everything I found about evangelism marketing. And I started with the “Enchantment” book of Guy Kawasaki. It was a good book for starting in this field, but after I read it, I worked out to find my own way, own style and own strategy on how to be an evangelist.

guzy kawasaki syndrome

And I found that many evangelist thinks if they will follow Guy on social media and do exactly the things that he is doing, they will get the results that Guy is having.

Well my friend, let me tell you that this earth needs only one Guy Kawasaki, only one Robert Katai and only one [insert your name here].

Don’t try to be someone other than yourself.

Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.

via Oscar Wilde


3. “My product is the best” syndrome

I know that your company is creating the best product on the planet. Everybody should use it right now. Why? Because you are the evangelist and you say so.

Well let me tell you something, your product is not the only one on the market. There are several other products or services that are doing the same job, and sometimes they are doing it better than you.

Your product is not the best product for everybody.


Just like Bannersnack is not for everybody out there, its only for the people that want to create great banner ads for their company or something else for their blog or publishing platform. This is why we created features as add embed object or embed options.

My solution for this struggle is to:

  1. Look very deep in your product
  2. Be as realistic as you can
  3. See who is using it
  4. Breate a better experience for them.



Find the best place where you can be. Only talk when you have something good to say.

Read “Enchantment” from Guy Kawasaki but don’t try to be like him and look deeper in your product to find the best experience you can deliver to your customers.

These are just a few things I found to write about it. Maybe you know other problems that the today evangelist is struggling with.

Write them down in the comments section and let’s see if we can find the solution together.


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