It was one of those mornings when I was first at the office. After I “designed” my morning cup of coffee and sat at my desk, first question popped up in my mind – How do I define today’s modern marketer?

It seems like a great topic for a blog post or an infographic, but then I stopped for a while and thought about the question. How do I define today’s modern marketer? What does a modern marketer look like to me? Who can be a modern marketer today? What is a modern marketer? Is there such a term as “modern marketer”?

But then I wanted to give our community something more bigger and more than just a simple answer (or a blog post) and I started to reach out the people who I know that want to answer my question. So I started reaching them via Twitter or just e-mailing them.

I was very curious to see what is a specialist’s view on today’s modern marketer. So I gathered all the answers in one place and published the article called “How The Specialists Define the Modern Marketer?

Today's Modern Marketer

Yes, it got a lot of attention on the internet. Even on post was published about it and many other shared it on Twitter and Facebook. And maybe you’re thinking “Yeah man, that’s because you had influencers sharing their opinion in the first place and then they shared it on social media!”. And maybe you are right, but does this theory count now? I don’t believe so.

But then again, I felt that the roundup wasn’t complete. Something was missing. And I looked over it over and over and over again and I didn’t notice anything special. But then I looked closer and found out the one thing that was missing – my answer. How do I define today’s modern marketer?

I started with this questions, I reached out to all the specialists and and collected all the answers and then published and shared them with the whole wild digital world, but I didn’t answer the question.

Why? Was I too nervous about the answer? Was I too excited to tell my own part of the story? Well, I don’t know, but that doesn’t mean I can’t write it down. It doesn’t mean I can’t answer this question right now.

And this is what this blog post is all about – How do I define the today’s modern marketer?

There are 4 characteristics that define today’s marketer.

It’s not about being creative, reading the data, staying up all day and night on your smartphone or being too noisy.

I believe that the modern marketer is someone who has at least one or 2 of these 3 points:

1. Understand the value of time

Time is the one thing we fight for every day. As marketers, we fight for our customer’s time, for our customer’s friend time, for our personal time and for our professional time. Time can be our friend but also our enemy. Deadlines, planning and other stuff that includes the term “time” is a very important asset for us in our everyday job.

The modern marketer understands the value of time even when it’s a short or long term decision for a marketing plan, sales strategy or conversion tactics.

And guess what? The value of time can change from one day to another, from one context to another, from one person to another.

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2. Attention

The today’s modern marketer understands how to get the customer’s attention and also how to get other users on board with his brand.

Attention is one of the things that not a lot of marketers know how to use.

I’m struggling everyday to bring more attention not just for the product I evangelize, or for the content I put out there but also to understand where the customer’s attention is focused when they open their laptop, tablet or smartphone.

A modern marketer is a smart marketer who knows how to use the attention rate not only to his advantage but firstly for his audience’s benefits.

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3. Failure

Today’s modern marketer is the one who embraces failure. Why is it important to do that? Because at some point, you will experience implementing a tactic or a strategy that won’t get the success you expec. Failure is inevitable. But getting up again and moving forward, stronger, harder and smarter is essential.

And maybe this sounds like pep talk, but I believe that when a marketer owns its failures, it means they were not afraid to experience new things, new ideas and new strategies.

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4. Quality pride

I love this term and it’s definitely one of the things that should characterize today’s modern marketer.

I know that there is a lot of debate on quality vs quantity, not only regarding content marketing, but also in everything marketing represents today. But I believe that the quality should not be a debatable theory. We all need quality and every brand/product/service should understand that without quality they can’t expect a long life on the marketplace. Without quality they can’t create something meaningful and have customers coming at their doors every day.

And sometimes it gets weird being the one guy in the room who can’t afford to do something if it doesn’t meet the quality standard. But who said that being weird is a bad thing?

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And here you have it, my 4 checkpoints on today’s modern marketer: time, attention, failure and quality. How many marketers do you know that have all these characteristics? How many of these do you own?

Let me know in comment section and let’s debate on them. Are they precious or not?

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