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The Feature That Every Marketer Should Use on Social Media

Social Media
Social Media

There is a feature that every marketer should use on social media. A feature which is more like a simple button, but most of the articles never talk about it.

This button helps the marketer understand the market, how customers talk about their brand and what’s the dynamic of the industry.

But guess what? You will never read about it on your daily social media blog or website because it’s not interesting. Because it’s not that kind of article that would gain traffic, a lot of comments and a lot of readers.

Sorry to say that, but it’s the truth. I did a little research and I couldn’t find almost anything about it.

But what is this button? What is this feature that I’m talking about?


Marketers should use more often the searching tool on Twitter (you should read Gary Vaynerchuk’s article on the matter). Marketers should use more often the searching tool on Instagram, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest, as well.

We focus so much on creating content, delivering content, creating engagement posts, but we forget we have this powerful tool in our hand every day when we use social media.

Why should a marketer use the search button?

To see what others say about their brand. To see how does the dynamic in the industry work. To look up on how their competition is doing. But most of all, to find opportunities that will help them start a discussion with a potential customer.

So, marketers, make the Search in your daily routine.

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