More and more companies are starting to focus on visual content. In fact, it’s obvious, naturally even, to see that visual marketing is receiving its deserved attention.

Producing daily content for your brand is already a given: from Facebook statuses, Q&A sessions on Twitter, Youtube tutorials and blog articles. But how can a brand, in all this noise, stand out?

The answer: visual content.

I’m finding myself more and more surprised at the kind of content I find on Slideshare. From videos, presentations and infographics of various case studies, events highlights and blog posts to ideas and concepts “designed” by various players in the international market.

A few days ago I wrote about designing an infographic (the theoretical part and the practical part) but today I want to show you 8 different types of presentations (examples included) that can be uploaded to a brand’s Slideshare account.

1. Educational

Client education- a taboo subject but over discussed in most companies.

How good would it be if customers would know what they should do in order to get a product, to create an account or to simply use the brand’s app/service, right? Life would be so much easier and the customer service department could peacefully drink their coffee.

But the problems clients have are different, just as clients are different and time is short and the competition is fierce. That’s why educating their clients is a necessity in a brand’s communication.How can Slideshare help with educating clients? Through ‘ step-by-step “or” how to ” guides.

For example, at Bannersnack I found out about the customers need to figure out how to install the tracking code for campaigns on different platforms. So we launched a series of Slideshare presentations teaching them step by step how to install these codes, that we think are vital in an ad campaign:

2. Product Launches (feature/option)

Who said that product launches or different options of a product/service must end as soon as the launch event ends? Who said that a launch feature only needs a blog post and some money spent on advertising? And what about the people who don’t have time for reading? What do we do with people who don’t know how to use this feature?

Even though this point falls within the first category, the educational one, I really wanted to give it a particular attention so that start-ups (and even other medium to large companies) understand that they can use Slideshare as well.

3. Blog Posts Highlights

What if the article you’ve worked for 3 days and where you complied various case studies, videos, facts relevant to your readers could be “designed” into a Slideshare presentation? Why?

For the readers who, before reading the full article will scroll to the end to see the conclusion and the presentation can be a good hook for them. For the community that is on LinkedIn and Slideshare. Because your job doesn’t end when you publish the article. Because it’s another type of visual content that you can use. Because you can redistribute the article on other platforms.

Example: Mark Schaefer wrote an article titled “The 6 critical questions guaranteed to drive your social media strategy” and made it into a presentation on Slideshare afterwords.

4. Quotations from Interviews

People love quotes. No matter how cliche, people still love quotes. And if people love quotes, who said that you cannot prepare a nice material with quotes dedicated to your readers?

Moreover, I recommend you to summarize the interviews that you’ve done on your blog or the articles written by contributors and put them in a simple presentation.

Another example, an inside one, we have a few interviews on the Bannersnack blog with people from different fields but all under the umbrella of digital marketing. After 10 interviews we did a Slideshare presentation with different answers and quotes from these interviews:

5. Content from the event

I think that certain events are a good generator of content ideas. Whether we’re talking about visual or text. But how could companies, participants, bloggers, journalists and even the organizers benefit from Slideshare? By uploading the speakers presentations and a final presentation that highlights the main ideas and sending them out in a press release after the event.
Bloggers and journalists could make presentations of the main ideas and then upload them to their blog where the material dedicated to the event is!
Think about brand awareness.
Example: Content Marketing Institute organizes an annual CMW (Content Marketing World) event and on their Slideshare account you will find different presentations of the speakers. (Note the importance of branding in presentations)

6. Meet the team

I got this idea from the Content Marketing Institute as well and I liked it so much.

How would a presentation on the team behind your brand look like?

Yes yes yes … I know there are brands that don’t even have about or contact pages on their site, but this is for those who take advantage of all the opportunities they have to increase their brand awareness and especially to be able to get closer to customers/followers.

7. Ideas and concepts

At one point I got the following idea: Content Marketing can be compared to pottery. So I started studying about pottery, in order to highlight some of the main ideas of this craft, and I paralleled it with the idea of “content marketing” and presented a few useful tools. A few hours of work, simple and efficient.

I wrote a blog post where I explained each tool, links and everything.

I think any blogger or journalist could do the same. Sky is the limit and comfort is our enemy!

8. Data and analysis

Data can sometimes be very difficult to understand. It all depends on the source, the presentation of the numbers and the motive. And brands that require such research and data should also be interested in a presentation for the general public.

That is why I believe that Slideshare can be a useful platform for those who make use of data, analysis and research to gain more awareness … and more.


Here it is, 8 types of presentations that can be uploaded to Slideshare, in case you couldn’t come up with any ideas.

But before you reach towards Slideshare I recommend you answer the following question:

What is the reason you want to use Slideshare for?

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