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What Kind of Marketer Am I?


Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about what is a marketer. I started with the modern marketer topic (here you can read what the specialists have to say about it and here I wrote a Medium post about my personal opinion on the modern marketer) and now I want to go further with this topic.

Maybe you are not interested in this topic because you are in search of a new blog post or video tutorial where you want to learn something new about social media, digital marketing, content marketing or SEO.

But I want you to stop right now and read this article.

Marketing is a lovely thing or a hard core daily work style.

Sometimes it’s fun and sometimes it’s hard. But if you have a 9 to 5 and you hit the exit door as soon as soon as the clock points to 5pm, it’s fun. If you are the type of person who wants more from this lifestyle, then it’s an everyday challenge.

[Tweet “Today’s marketing is a lot different compared to the 10 or 20 years ago marketing.”]

Sometimes I ask myself if the gods of marketing or advertising where alive in today’s age, what kind of guys would they be? Maybe Burnett would be the blogger guy that writes a weekly blog post and gets shared by thousand of other marketers. Maybe Ogilvy would be a video blogger that had his own YouTube channel. Or maybe Bernbach would be the kind of guy who tweets all kind of genius quotes.

I don’t know, but it’s fun thinking about it.

But what is today marketing? It is online or offline? Which one is better? Where is the line between good online marketing and bad online marketing? Why does everyone think that something always has to die (content marketing is dead, banner ad is dead, social media is dead, inbound marketing is dead, SEO is dead, email marketing is dead).

There is the online marketing with hundred of tools, hundred of metrics and hundred of channels. There is the digital marketing, there is the display advertising that gets blamed by the social media specialists who are evangelizing that banner ads is dead. And there is the SEO, Content Marketing and other theories and facts that hit our eyeball everyday.

So, when I hear someone call themselves a marketer, I wonder what kind of marketer are they?

I look at my team at Bannersnack and my, oh my! I can say that we are as different as we can be. And this is just lovely. We work remote from 2 different cities and we talk and stay in touch all day via Skype. Exactly, we use Skype today but tomorrow, who knows? Maybe Slack. We’ll see.

But it’s kind of interesting to look at this team and see how different we are. There is Serj, a tall guy that doesn’t talk too much but he is the guy with the numbers. He looks at numbers first and only then you can talk to him. There is Csenge, the analytical girl that picks us up from the train station every morning and she’s very kind to everybody. Let’s not forget about Andrei, the guy behind the words and emails, and the one that is always trying to experiment new things. Sonia, she knows our community better because she replies to every question on social media and also inside our feedback formula app. And let’s not forget about Gery, even though he is not a marketer but an UX designer I just love the way he looks at the business, the app and the market – I’m saying that his hands are meant to design but he has a marketer’s brain!

This is the marketing team I work with everyday to make our banner editor not only a good app for a business but also to communicate valuable information, educational content and also to help our users have a good experience day by day with our brand.

Do you see how different we are? Also, let’s not forget that being different has its downs too because we can have different opinions and struggles regarding projects we work on together. But at the end of the day, we still work together, we respect each other and we help each other.

Sometimes I ask myself, what kind of marketer am I?

And I believe that we should all think about this – what kind of marketer am I? What kind of “superpowers” do I have in my daily job? What am I doing better than the others and also what are my struggles? And how can my super marketing power help my team, my product and my community?

What kind of Superpower do you have?

In the last “Captain America: Civil War” movie there were a bunch of superheroes fighting together with the other team. The Captain America team was formed by: Hawkeye, Sharon Carter, Falcon, Bucky Barnes, Ant-Man and Scarlet Witch. And the Iron Man team was formed by: War Machine, Black Widow, Black Panther (he is my favorite), The Vision and Spider-Man.

They are different regarding their superpowers but they fight together and help each other every chance they get. I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie but you’ll see in their combat how each and every one of them has their colleague’s back. Even if they’re not friends, they fight for a cause (think about Black Panther why is he in the Iron Man team).

Yes, there is teamwork. But you can’t have teamwork if you don’t know what kind of superpowers you have and how to be a part of your team.

All these superheroes know what kind of superpower they have and how they can use them in a fight.

And the same principles apply in marketing as well. You should know what kind of superpower you have and how to fight everyday to make your brand better and help your teammate’s work get better.

Because it’s not only about you, or your work or your goals. It’s about your team, your next co worker and the goal of your job.

Before you click the close button or share this article please think carefully about this and make it clear to you – what kind of marketer are you?

And I don’t care that you think about this article as a motivational or an inspirational one. I really don’t care how you see this article, I just want you to understand that you need to do your job and help your team do theirs.

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