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Marketing is Not a Job, but a Lifestyle


Everybody who works in marketing will nod and agree with my next sentence:

“Marketing is not a job, but a lifestyle”

And those living with marketers will nod just the same, but with a little more disdain towards the field.

Those who don’t work in marketing or live besides someone who does will not say anything. Because they will never understand the lifestyle of a marketer. They will never get how a marketer thinks and why his jokes are so hard to understand sometimes.

A marketer does not work 8 hours a day, not even 12. In fact, I don’t think a marketer can even say he is working. The one doing it out of necessity might. But the passionate marketer does not work. He lives marketing, he studies it everyday and he breathes it. For him, marketing is a lifestyle.

The marketer spends more time in a supermarket than any other woman does. Because for him, it’s not just about buying a product and studying its price, it’s about studying the shelf, the package, the offer, the customer, the seller, the promotion, etc. Never send a marketer to the super market is you need something urgent. He might not even be back in an hour.

When going on holiday he won’t only watch the landmarks, he will study the image used in attracting the tourists, he will notice the brand seeking to be associated with the landmark, he will observe how other people react and he will get lost in the details of the product placements around him.

The marketer has two types of favorite numbers in his phone: his wife/husband and his field colleagues. And if you study his Facebook chat history you might find more links than words in there.

If you’re aiming for a job in marketing get ready to change your lifestyle.

It’s hard. It’s desperately hard. It’s just so annoyingly hard. But only those who are passionate about marketing will understand why this is so beautifully easy. The reason why marketing is not a job, but a lifestyle.

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