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What Newsletters I Recommend You To Sign Up To


Marketers talk a lot about email marketing, how to get the leads and how make the users subscribe to that specific newsletter, but there is one question that I heard a lot and I didn’t find a good answer to it yet.

What newsletters should a marketer sign up for?

Honestly, it depends on who you are, what are your interests and how much time you spend on your email. And when I say “how much time do you spend” I mean what you do with your e-mail; do you use it only to receive and send emails, do you use it to curate information or just to sign up on different platforms and apps?

These are the main situations I saw in a marketer’s behavior and this is why I outlined them.

Today I want to share with you the 4 newsletters I signed up, the reasons why I’m reading all of them and why I recommend them to everyone who reading this blog.

I know that many articles, just like this one, share tons of email newsletters you must subscribe to. But as you already know me, I’m not that regular marketer who does what everyone else does. And I also know how important time is for us, marketers.

So this is one of the reasons why I will only recommend you 4 of my favorite newsletters.

01 Media REDEF


REDEF behaves like a social platform on which you can include your personal profile, full suite of social features and other in-demand leaderboard. But don’t despair because REDEF is not the typical social platform with cats, memes and your mother’s friends pictures.

REDEF is a place for smart people to share smart links.

And Jason Hirschhorn is the one in charge of curating the best links! Y

ou can subscribe here and choose which one of the categories you are interested in:

  • Media – all things about technology, new pop culture and of course, media
  • Music – topics related to music but with a technology taste combined with culture
  • Fashion – a combo between fashion + culture + tech + biz
  • Sports – just like the fashion “merge” but you change the “fashion” topic with “sports”
  • Tech – here is the place where a nerd and a marketer can meet

But Jason is not just sending the links to you and that’s all. He is also writing a column with a funny and very interesting tone of voice, using the daily topics and his experience in this field.

And if you are the kind of quote guy who loves to get motivated, you will get a quote too!

02 Sunday Dispatches

sunday dispatches

Paul Jarvis is one of a kind artist (I like to call him an artist, even though he is a designer, entrepreneur and other things that I don’t remember right now) who needs to be in every marketer’s email. He sends a weekly newsletter called “Sunday Dispatches” in a very simple formula: just like a blog post.

Without giving you promotion codes, bonuses and other marketing practices to sign up to his newsletter, buy his products or promote his work.

This is why I was always interested in Paul’s newsletter. Because he is not using this communication channels to sell his product. But instead, he sees it as a one-on-one kind of communication with you.

He used to write for big publishers like Fast Company, Newsweek, Forbes, LifeHacker and  many others about productivity, the intersection of creativity and commerce but now his 100% focus is on writing this project.

You can subscribe here to join Paul’s newsletter.

03 Desk


It seems like I take my inspiration for my daily marketing work from web designers and designers. Well, I think that everybody has a place where they go to get their inspiration from in order to do their work better and it seems like… this is my gateway.

If you don’t know who Tobias is and what he does, let me characterize him in a few small words: big beard, former designer at Spotify, skateboarder, podcaster and Simplice.

Tobias is sending you a weekly email that represents a big peak in an imaginary world.

It’s that design oriented newsletter you want to read every week, because it’s not about colors, grids and web design trends. You will read about the designer’s struggle, about productivity and other ideas Tobias is interested in.

Just like Samwoo Ee (Design Lead Spotify) said – “His weekly emails are having Tobias in your pocket. Who doesn’t want a Tobias in their pocket?

Well, maybe not really having him in my pocket, because I don’t know how I would feel if a bearded big guy like Tobias would inhabit my pocket, but surely in my email it’s ok!

So I’m gladly recommending you to subscribe to his weekly email.

04 The Journal

If you used digg or you heard about Revision3, but you don’t know who Kevin Rose is, well my friend… this is not such a big problem. Because Kevin is the guy behind these brands and he has also launched his new series of podcast and a monthly newsletter a while ago.

The Journals is the place where he reviews products, podcasts, articles and everything that he finds interesting.

Why do I  recommend his? Because it’s interesting to follow a guy like Kevin who created such a cool product like digg and see what he is interested in, what kind of products he vouches for, how he reviews them and what are his thoughts about them.

It’s like having a new type of biography, but you don’t have to spend a lot of time reading a book. Now you can check out a monthly newsletter and see what he thinks about a certain topic.

For example, when I got the first email after I subscribed, I was very curious about his meditation app.

For me, my mind is always on, jumping around frantically. In and out of work issues, worrying about the future, or trying to get to that next “thing” (in the future) that will make me happy.

And that resonated with me very well because I believe that in the future, the industry will be about meditating and just contemplating on a daily basis – things that will help us be more productive.

But the difference between me and Kevin is that while I only had this thought, he started creating the product.

So, subscribe to his email, and see why he is totally in love with the iPhone’s 7 Plus portrait mode 🙂


As you can see, these are not the regular email newsletters for a marketer, about marketing and digital communication stuff. They’re not directly related to your day to day job, but they all have something you can learn from.

My belief is that we as marketers can learn more about marketing if we look at other industries, such as mass media, design, startups or others. I’m learning a lot about marketing, communication and content marketing when I’m not consuming content about these stuff.

So if you want to learn marketing, make sure that you look around you and outside of your marketing bubble.

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