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Your Work is… Your Work


What’s more important in work?

Starting your work? Doing your work? Finishing your work?

I’ve heard many speakers, I’ve read many blog posts and also listened to many podcasts in which people pointed out these 3 things:

  • Start your work
  • Do your work
  • Finish your work

It depends on whom you are listening to, of course. Maybe you are the kind of person who needs motivation to start working on something. Or maybe you are the kind of person who needs a back push to finish it, or just do it (thank you Nike for doing that brand placement even in a small piece of content like this one).

But between these 3 ideas “Start your work” , “Do your work” and “Finish your work” there is only one common point we need to focus on “your work”.

Your work depends only on yourself.

Because it’s your work. Unless you think about “your work” as what you do for your company, your boss’s work, your colleagues’ work or just… some work.

When you think about “your work” as a personal property, as a personal responsibility, as an important brick you have to putt in the wall to make it complete, you will do it, no matter what.

When you think about your work with the right mindset, as something that you own and you have to do it, you will understand the influence you have in your company, in your circle, in your department, for your brand and also for your work.

Yes, you have to start “your work”. Yes, you have to do “your work”. And yes, you have to finish “your work”

But your work…it’s only your work. And it depends only on you!

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