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Vloggers and Instagrammers – The New Wave of Influencers!

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

I’ve read in Guy Kawasaki’s book „The Art of Enchantment” a paragraph that I want to talk about.

Influentials are so busy acting influential that they often aren’t power users of products. They try a product for a short time (or let an intern use it), pronounce judgment, and then move on the next shimy new thing…Still, the good news is that it’s easier to reach nobodies, and any of them can become an oracle, so remember that nobodies are the new somebodies.

When it comes to influencers who can be contracted by brands/companies to present a product, carry a message to the general public (community) or simply to be an ambassador for a limited period of time we usually take into account 3 types:

1. Celebrities – usually showbiz stars (music, film, theatre, sport, etc.). Although, it won’t hurt if they already have an online community built around them on a specific platform (blog, Facebook, Twitter).

2. Journalists – smaller celebrities, though respected in their area (the press). Using the brand they write for (online or offline newspaper) they manage to have an impact and an important role among the fans in that community.

3. Bloggers – some of them managed to influence the first two types (celebrities and journalists) to start blogging and use other social networks in order to send the message forward. In my opinion, some bloggers even fall into the category of early adopters and trend setters.

Lately I’ve noticed a new category of influencers rising and making its presence felt on the  market. Influencers that are not only creating a certain type of micro-content (video or photo) but have started to get involved in the community, launch new projects and use certain platforms to present their side of the story.

Thes new wave of influencers is here. We can talk in big general content but also we can talk about micro targeted content. And for the second category the influencers are represented by vloggers and instagrammers. We can already see that brands are more and more interested in micro content creators dedicated to a specific platform or at least to a specific format (video or photo).

Even though at the moment the vlogging community is still in the beginning phase and although it does show a rapid growth, we still cannot forget the 3 important aspects that will help define the future of the community:

  • Brands that will choose to communicate through these influencers
  • influenceres who will choose who to communicate with and what content to create
  • Internet users who will choose what and whose content to consume

I’m coming back to the quote from the beginning of my article and I want to signal boost agencies and/or brands that today you don’t have to be a celebrity/ journalist/ blogger to be an influencer. You don’t have to be Big to be an influencers. You don’t have to be followed my millions of Twitter or Instagram users. You need a community were you can dictate the flow.

The question is: everybody can be an influencer? The answer: YES.

Risks? Yes. Opportunities? Yes.

Trends will change because internet is changing everyday, social media gives people the possibility to be someone and create content that some time ago could only be created by specialized agencies.

Think about this- nobodies are the new somebodies!

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