Dear advertisers,

I don’t know if you figure it out but the fear for advertising is getting bigger and bigger. People are afraid of advertising.

But guess what, not every advertising you create for a brand or you put out for a campaign is a good advertising. And I know that here we talk about clients, budget, creativity and so on.

But what is a good advertising?

The good advertising is the best advertising you can do. The best advertising is the bridge between a brand and a consumer. And more of it, when this ad is getting in front of the user in the right moment, on the right place (platform)…well my friends, that is the best advertising you can have.

And like Seth Godin wrote in his blog post that

“the best advertising is the advertising we would miss if it was gone.”

When was the last time when a consumer missed your ad? Hmm…

Ok, now we know what is the best advertising, let me tell you something about the ad-blocking problem that you fight every day.

It was that moment when advertisers figure it out that they can put a lot of ads on a screen (from pop-ups, to standard banners, to videos, and so on) they didn’t think about the annoying problem that the user will got. And when they forgot that they should do advertising based on the needs and wants of the consumer, the party gets shot down by the ad-block police.

Advertising should be only a good looking door (sometimes having a good experience just walking by that door) to the brand.

And now advertising got more attention that the relationship between a product and a consumer.

But wait a minute! The problem is not over yet and is getting bigger and scarier.

Let me present you why in simple 3 points:

1. User are blocking the ad from different platforms (online publishers such as news, blogs or social networks) because they were annoyed by the ugly, bad looking ads that get in front of them while they read a good story

2. These platforms needs to make money to stand up and create daily content. This is why they are having ads (and sometimes multiple ones), so they can pay for the resources. But if the user will block the ad from their platform, so why not the platform can block the content? (here is an example) because they

3. And when the platform is blocking the content, the user will block the ad, where my dear friends – The advertisers will block the budget for the online because they can’t show any good results for the client.

When this will happen? Soon.

What is the solution?

Create better advertising.

Don’t forget about the importance of quality and creativity in an ad. And most of it – create the best advertising you can do for your brand, but most of it, for your consumer:

the best advertising is the one we would miss if it was gone.

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