I look around me and I see more and more people from the advertising industry (marketing, digital marketing, social media, PR, etc.), running from the word “advertising”.

And not only that, they are even ashamed of this field. They wrap it in other more pompous and trendy words like storytelling, content marketing, programmatic advertising, social media and who knows what other smart terms that sound good in the ear of the beginners or the consumers.

We end up being afraid, ashamed or even repelled by advertising.

Why? Because advertising is that small black man who MANIPULATES the population and gets its tail in the buyer’s pocket, forcing him to put more money on the table. Or it’s that banner that violates a consumer’s eye on certain sites. Or it’s that paid article written by a blogger who had to sell out in order to pay their monthly expenses.

Even agencies stopped calling themselves advertising agencies, but were renamed to be creation factories, communication boutiques, strategy and design start-ups or other names that I’m not in the mood to Google right now.

We don’t like advertising, we don’t want it in our lives and, if it would disappear forever, we believe that we’d lead a better, quieter life.

Advertising got into our lives so intimately that we have the ability to talk to brands like RedBull, Vodafone, Orange, Starbucks or Converse on Facebook. These brands have come into our private lives. How?! Isn’t Facebook just for family and friends, to show them our vacation pictures or that our offspring is already 9 months old? Why have brands invaded our digital privacy?

[It humors me a lot when I see someone complaining on the internet that the respective brand that he liked on Facebook is now trying to sell him their products. Well, what did you think, that they were going to be your best friend with whom you can share your dreams and disappointments? The main purpose of a brand on social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc.) is to sell. That simple!]

We’re afraid of bad advertising!

But if there would be no advertising, how would we know what week it is at LIDL? But if there would be no advertising, how would we know what products are at a discount on Emag? And if there would be no advertising, how would we know what holiday offers the agency has for the next season?

And how would it have been like if advertising didn’t exist at all? Who would have even heard of Apple? Maybe Steve would still be somewhere in a garage, trying to assemble other products along with Wozniak. Who would have even heard of Tommy Hilfiger? Or Benetton?

And if advertising didn’t exist at all, would you have agreed to pay a certain amount for Facebook or Instagram monthly? If advertising didn’t exist at all perhaps you’d have to pay more for your TV or radio subscription!

But quality advertising has helped the world discover tools and brands that make life easier. Quality advertising has helped the world grow and take a step forward.

Brands have made and are making advertising campaigns on platforms for which people would not agree to pay $5 a month.

What is missing from today’s advertising?

Advertisers who do research on the street and listen to the needs of consumers.

Advertisers who work from their heart and with passion.

Advertisers who make advertising in order to make a consumer’s life easier.

Advertisers who are creative on the street, not behind the monitor.

Advertisers who have the courage to use the smart tools that they have today.

Advertisers who confront the ugly in advertising.

Advertisers who fight the competition and not the consumer.

Advertisers who recognize that they have been wrong and are not afraid of staring over.

Advertisers who are proud that they work in advertising.

Customers who trust brands.

Brands that trust customers.

Advertisers who trust brands.

Customers who trust advertisers.

Everything that makes a brand want to reach a man is advertising.

  1. Content Marketing = Advertising
  2. Social Media = Advertising
  3. Storytelling = Advertising
  4. Events = Advertising

And the list can go on and on and gets longer while when we start inventing other terms.

The conclusion should maybe be something like this: let’s start making quality advertising, advertising that brings an added value in the consumer’s life. And maybe the consumers might stop complaining about the ads that crowd online publications or social networks.

And I think that everyone knows their place and perhaps we should all start pulling our weight!

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