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I am the Brand Evangelist at Bannersnack


When I moved to Cluj Napoca I decided I want to do what I like. Even if I had to work in a corporation, even if I had to get up early at 06:00 in the morning just so I could write on my blog or even if I had to work on projects without getting any financial income out of them. I firmly believe that all the challenges I have accepted so far really helped my personal and professional development.

I have often been asked if I secretly work for Instagram or if certain brands pay me to heavily promote them on social media or on my blog. And I always give the same answer: I only promote what I believe people need to know, learn and what will certainly help their professional or personal life.

You might have noticed lately that I started to heavily promote the brand Bannersnack. This is due to the fact that starting with november I am a Brand Evangelist at Bannersnack.

The term “Brand Evangelist” dates from the time Apple used to promote Macintosh for those wishing to increase their productivity and creativity. The difference between a salesperson and a brand evangelist is the fact that the former is always thinking about sealing a deal, getting a commission and achieving his financial target, while the letter’s interest is to help people and his mindset is based on “Try this and it could help you”

I firmly believe that Bannersnack is for banner display advertising what Google was and still is for search, what Apple is for computers, what Amazon is for e-commerce and Facebook for social media. Bannersnack represents a one-stop-shop for banner advertising and will certainly have a global impact. Think about this: Over 2000 banners are made daily, over 1,5 million users use our tool and we have a coverage of over 99% worldwide Google Display Network, Facebook, AppNexus and others. That’s right! Bannersnack is everything there is to know about banner display advertising, from the actual banner maker to ad campaigns.

If I spoke before about visual marketing such as social networking sites or other useful image making tools, I am not proudly and happily presenting you the most complex visual marketing tool that I am working for: Bannersnack.

And if you want to follow Bannersnack’s activity I invite you to follow our Twitter, Facebook and the other social networking sites that you will find on the homepage of our blog!

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