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5 branding lessons from the WWE wrestlers


It might seem strange but everything in wrestling (WWE) is about branding and content marketing.

That people who do branding and people interested in the building of a brand should have to spend at least three hours a week in front of the TV watching John Cena, Undertaker, Ray Misterio, Batista, etc. How do I know all these people? What do you mean how? Maybe from spending hours and hours in front of the TV watching them? I would literally loose the track of time watching them fight, push, throw themselves at each other, etc. in front of thousands of fans.

A few years later I realized that you can learn some branding lessons and content marketing tips even from those sport actors. I know that’s not a real sport (or is it?), it’s a show and people in the ring are just actors who pretend to be fighting.

I agree with you, but let’s try to look at this so-called “sport” from another perspective –from a branding perspective.

1. The Music

I think we can agree that music has a gigantic impact in our lives. We will always remember the song that played when we had our first kiss or that song from when we broke up with her/him.

Music is perhaps one of the sole elements of our lives that we cannot ignore, and that we all need in some capacity.

Now, we can see that in wrestling music is an important factor for the brand of the sport.

When music starts and the speakers are at a maximum to anticipate the entrance of a new player, people will usually start screaming in ecstasy and raising their signs.

When I watched wrestling and this one, this one and even this song started playing I couldn’t help but notice the commotion among people.

You couldn’t even see the athlete yet but people were standing up raising the sign with their name on it. That’s what a fan is for me. A “Like” is not a fan for me. It represents just a touch of a button.

A true fan is one that recognizes the brand’s theme song just from the first 5 notes

What is the theme song of your brand?

2. Stage presence – your brand atitude!

Each wrestler had a particular stage presence, or should I say a distinctive color.

While Undertaker was the grave digger with a black hat and leather jacket John Cena was the soldier with the crew cut and a trucker hat. While Ray Misterio was the small guy in a mask Big Show was the guy with the goatee and tall as a mountain. Each had a specific stage presence and fighting style.

rey misteryo

Their way of being present in the ring resembles the product that is listed on the shelf. It needs to stand out. Not via “promotions” but through the consistency and power of their image. That’s exactly what the boys (and girls) of wrestling do.

Their presence in this show is the color that helps bring a beautiful play in front of the fans.

How does your brand present itself on the shelf?

3. The teasing moment

This is the moment that brings dozens of fans to the American arenas just to see two people fighting. Easy, right? Yes, but the teasing is done almost perfectly. I can not say perfect just because nothing’s perfect in this world.

But Vince McMahon’s industry is one that knows what branding and marketing is. It’s one that emphasizes on image and especially on the fans. I know, it sound like Gladiator.

But maybe after watching this teasing and seeing that a legend stands up to “fight” one of the best “fighters” of the moment you will (that’s if you like wrestling) go to see this match. Even though you know that it’s fake, even if you know that no one fights anyone and it’s just a show. That’s what it is.

Wrestling is a show that sells and that uses the power of teasing at maximum.

When have you last prepared a teasing for your brand?

4. The differentiating elements

If we take a look at the wrestlers we can see that each one of them has a differentiating element.

Some have through their fashion, others have their fighting style and others have the items they bring to battle. But please note that they each bring that element to the ring, where the fight is, where their presence is.

The place where brands fight.

That’s exactly what your brand should have as well – a differentiator.

What is that for you? That you have a 5 years warranty policy? Others have 6. That you have a perfect package? No problem, others have an even more perfect one. Fast delivery? Some do it even faster. In conclusion. Find that differentiating element and use it in the “battle”.

What is the differentiator of your brand?

5. The charisma of the brand

In wrestling, you will never see a tired and lifeless “fighter”. You will never see someone come down in the ring just simply walking (shopping style) and you will definitely never see someone speak without conveying a particular emotion. Old or young. Be it a legend or a newbie.

hulk hogan

Charisma is the element that sells him.

He uses the charisma at its fullest. The energy they give their fans is a most positive one and especially one that makes a true fan stand up from his chair and shout frantically.

The brand’s charisma is what sells in Wrestling. And now let’s get back to your brand.

How does it behave on the market? Does it generate emotions? Does it deliver feelings? Does it stop the consumer’s basket in its tracks? How does your brand’s charisma look like? These are just a few questions that should you ask when you think about your brand’s charisma.

How charismatic is your brand?


I think I might have exaggerated slightly with branding and wrestling but I’ve realized that if you watch this show with an eye for branding you can find many secrets that you can later use for your brand.

What I said above might be on a general level, but it can be expanded.

So I now see the reason why I used to watch wrestling.

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