Sometimes personifying certain things helps us get a better understanding of them. When I was a kid if I happened to hurt a cat I would usually be pulled aside and told “it’s hurting the cats just as much as it hurts you when you injure your foot “.  This way I got a better understanding of why I could or couldn’t do something.

I’m switching now my attention to a brand. This term that is so often used and so rarely understood. It seems like there’s too much brand: personal branding, rebranding, brand engagement, big brand, brand there and brand everywhere. We are surrounded by a term that many of us can’t even understand. Who am I talking about? What do you mean who? People who don’t usually read blogs and articles from this field every day. People for whom the term brand does not exist, instead they think about the “label”.

Starting from the movie “Perfect Sense” I came up with an idea relating to brand.

To better understand the term “brand” how about we personify it and give it the 5 senses: smell, taste, sight, touch and hearing:



Smells the opportunity to create a demand.


A brand surrounds itself with the sweet scent of its customer’s loyalty.


It listens to the voice of the consumer, the voice of the market, the voice of desire and need (notice how important listening is)


Observes the competition. (does not talk about it, does not attack it, does not make fun of the competition … it simply observes it and takes notice)


Touches souls and forgets for a moment about functionalities

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