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My First Co-Marketing Project with HubSpot


What if we start looking at content marketing as a feature of our brand?

As a second product that is embracing the real product. As the product that has the capacity not only to create some marketing or sales funnel, but also as the product who can connect with the user, with other brands and also have an impact in the industry.

Can a brand have an impact in the industry with content marketing?

I didn’t see any blog post or white paper that had an impact that changed the entire industry (or am I wrong?). But I heard about content marketing projects that were loved by the customers and built a trust between the community and the brand. I heard about content marketing projects that created a new path for the product.

And also, I heard about content marketing projects from a brand that started a collaboration with other brands.

And this is what I want to talk with you today: about collaboration marketing.

How many of you are willing to start a collaboration with other brands or companies in your industry?

This was the question that crushed me lately. Why we don’t see more collaboration between brands in content marketing projects? Why are there so many marketers who believe that they can do something by themselves?

So I started digging a little bit on the internet and see how many brands are doing collaboration marketing. And my eyes and mind got stucked on HubSpot.

So I find the co-marketing term that they are using in their collaboration projects.

What is co-marketing?

According to  Amanda Sibley, co-marketing project is when two companies collaborate on promotional efforts for a co-branded offer. Both companies promote a piece of content or product and share the results of that promotion. By levering the relationship and reach of a partner, co-marketing campaigns are designed to deliver more leads, buzz and awareness, with less work.

Quite interesting and simple to understand what co-marketing is, but why do we need to start collaborate with each other? Why we need each other in this so competitive world where every second counts and every post, content, voice, word is a bullet?

Even if you find the answer in the blog post you can read on HubSpot, I wanted to experience by myself these “why” questions.

Because at Bannersnack we believe that content marketing is not only about writing some blog posts or sharing some ideas on social media. We look at content marketing as a second product of our brand and we use it not only for promotional strategy but also to engage with our audience, to help them to optimize their daily work and to stand by them when they need help. This is why we are working constantly on our blog, we are also launching projects like Banner Design Academy and others that are to come.

So we started a co-marketing project with HubSpot. After we discussed the needs of the industry and what we can do for them, we came to this point – we need to lead the marketers and entrepreneurs to start design banner ads that aren’t spammy and disruptive.

This is why we created this learning experience – How To Make Banner Ads That Don’t Suck.


With Rand Fishkin’s video in my mind (How to Create 10X Content) first I started looking at what marketers are struggle while designing banner ads, then what the industry is talking about why banner ads don’t work and how the old traditional banner ad changed in social ads like Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads or Promoted Pins.

And this is why we created this lesson for every marketer, to take the 10 steps for creating high-quality ads that help reach marketing and sales goals.

It would mean a lot to me if you download this piece of content and let me know what do you think about it, how it helped you and also let me know what we else can do so you can have a better experience with this type of content.

With this experience I learned that companies, such as SaaS (Software as a Service), small businesses or even agencies can work together in co-marketing projects and create content that can have an impact in industry.

Who said that content marketing should be created only inside the company (or hiring an agency or freelancer)?

Think about this: let’s say that you are a small bakery on your street and you blog about food, bread and other stuff in your industry. And next to your doors is a flowershop. What if you start creating a content project, let’s say, a book about lifestyle and how to design your home to have a better experience while you are having a breakfast with your family or a dinner with a friend. Simple, right?

Some may say that you can call it a simple partnership between brands, but I say that it doesn’t matter how you call it. It only matters if you do it and how you do it!

Doing this, it will help your business reach another audience, help you connect with other professionals in your industry and start making a better place for your community.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your co-marketing project right now!

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