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Content Marketing Without Audience is Just a Pixel on the Internet

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

Before I get into the “audience for content marketing” topic , let me confess about something.

As a content marketer I am struggling every day to create content that not only gets noticed, but stands out from the crowd. I listen podcasts about content marketing, I read articles about content marketing but even more, I experiment with different parts of content creation and content marketing.

Lately I thought about doing something different, so I got into the visual marketing strategy. I learned a lot about infographics. I started creating infographics and even designed an infographic about infographics!

Also, I started looking at apps like Instagram, Snapchat and SlideShare and started working on them to see what makes people engage on those platforms  and how can brands engage with them.

But after I’ve learned about visual marketing, after I’ve written about it, talked about it and practiced it, I wanted to get deeper into this kind of content marketing so I started learning more about SEO. How to create content marketing that can be SEO driven so that landing pages or products gain more popularity? How to use backlinks and keywords in order to create a blog post that that gets to first page in Google? How to use the Keyword Planner from Google or how to look in analytics for which page generates more traffic in order to optimize it?

I’ve done all that stuff and I’m still doing it.

Let’s not forget about the educational moment that every content marketer should get. There are webinars, ebooks, presentations, conferences and articles from top 10/20/50/100/1500 bloggers about marketing, digital marketing and content marketing.

There is this quote that everybody freaks out about “Content is king”. But 2016’th specialists are the ones trying to complete this sentence with “Content is the king…but context is God” or “Content May Be King, But the Presentation is the Crown Prince” or “Content is King but millennials are the soldiers” or other legit completions.

But then I had this revelation one morning that made me sit at my desk and write about it.

We are talking so much about content, from creation, from marketing, from context, from platforms but we forgot that we need an audience for our content.

Content without audience

Think about this, it’s like a chef who is cooking a great dinner for a restaurant. He has the best tools for preparing it, the best dishes to present it, the best colleagues who can help him and the best waiters who can take it to the tables, but without somebody who will consume it, it’s just a regular food. Without a client who orders that dinner, waits for it so he can eat it and have a pleasant evening, it’s just wasted food.

This year, everybody talked about content in so many forms, everybody praised content marketing and created content on a regular basis,, but I’ve seen only a few topics about the importance of audience.

As content marketers, we should be more interested in who is our audience. If we don’t know our audience, we can’t create relevant content for it.

[Tweet “It’s better to know you audience then know about your audience!”]

This is why I believe that in 2017 we should look more at the audience.

Audience marketing, or call it whatever you want, it must be mandatory for every piece of content we put out on the internet. Why? Because every platform, every brand should have its own audience. That audience who wants to consume that content.

That audience who can’t wait to engage with the brand because it delivered great content.

Content Marketing without audience is just another pixel on the internet.

I don’t want to get deeper into how we should create content for our audience, how we should engage with our audience, how we should connect with it and other tactics that you can easily get from the internet.

I just want to sound the alarm for every content marketer (or social media marketer, growth hacker, blogger or any other job that has to do with content creation) that we need to get more involved in our audiences behavior, life and needs so we can create content for them.

I just want to see whether talking about quality vs quantity in 2017 will be irrelevant for us if we don’t have a well done audience profile and analysis.

So let’s get started on our content marketing journey with our audience in our mind!

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