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7 Great Email Marketing Tips for Ecommerce


Businesses in the ecommerce industry need email marketing to increase overall conversions and take advantage of opportunities available in the market.

Most marketers set up email automation workflows using tools for email marketing.

But in today’s competitive world, that’s not all that you’ll need to become successful.

Marketing for Higher Conversion Rates and Revenue

The main reason why ecommerce businesses adopt email marketing is because of its high conversion rates.

According to Marketing Insider Group, email campaigns have over 20% open rate which means that at least 1 out of 5 receivers read the email.

Your campaigns to promote a sale or promo can reach your intended audience by simply sending an email.

That’s not all that email marketing offers. Campaign Monitor’s 2019 study shows that $44 is earned for every $1 spent for a campaign. Marketers have found this high ROI to be a gold mine especially for those that are helping small brands start building their own place in the market.

Helpful Tips in Creating Email Campaigns

Email marketing offers huge rewards if it is used properly, but what does it take to have successful email campaigns? Practice makes perfect, but it takes a lot more creativity than that to succeed. Sometimes, all it takes is to correct a few mistakes that hinder your potential.

Let’s look into the different tips and tricks that you can practice to see if there’s something you can change to make your campaigns more successful.

1. Always start your emails with something eye-catching.

You need to have that attention-grabbing introduction if you want your emails to be more interesting. Entice your audience by making the subject line of your email more dynamic. Your subscribers will most likely open and read the whole email if they find what you’re talking about to be worthwhile.

Having a boring and monotonous tone in presenting exciting news definitely isn’t going to work for email campaigns.

Keep it short, simple, and relevant to your audience. The less complicated your message is, the better the results will be. Focus on the exciting parts and add the less important details at the bottom. In this way, you capture the attention right at the beginning.

2. Try to add a personal touch to each email.

An added touch of intimacy doesn’t hurt when it comes to email marketing. By addressing your reader using their name, you can already establish a more personal connection with them. Even better, you could personalize the messages sent to each set of subscribers you have.

Automation helps you write personalized messages and send these to the right recipients in no time. By setting up the right automation workflow, you can customize and personalize each campaign to fit the preference of targeted recipients.

This workflow also helps you start new campaigns or run simultaneous ones.

Now you won’t need to worry about how to handle emails and you can focus on personalizing them to increase conversions for your business.

3. Stick to a single email address.

Subscribers filter out mail that doesn’t get removed by the spam folder based on which recognizable name they see. Using multiple emails for different campaigns seems cool, but it often backfires when new subscribers get confused on which is your official email.

Some might even see it as phishing mails and add it to their spam filter.

Sticking to one email for sending out campaigns ensures subscribers that they’re receiving official news and updates straight from your ecommerce business. That way, they don’t need to verify if the promo you’re promoting is real or not.

A single email also establishes a credible name for new mail list subscribers to follow and check when they want to know updates about your business.

4. Consider optimizing for mobile readers.

Mobile email usage has been a consideration for most email marketers due to how they need to redesign mail to fit mobile screens.

Open rates for mobile users can increase if emails are optimized for their reading pleasure.

Optimizing email designs doesn’t need to be focused only for mobile alone. Instead, what you can do is use tools that optimize emails you’ve made for PC users to transform into a clearer format when opened in mobile devices.

In this way, your readers don’t need to worry about how your email looks in whichever device they choose for reading it.

5. Stick to a single core message.

Fitting all the information you want to provide in a single message seems like a neat trick to do. However, a lot of times this leads into a wordy and messy email that isn’t fun to read until the end.

You may have a lot going on with your ecommerce business, but it would be better to only have one core message per email.

Sequencing your emails into multiple parts can help direct attention to each campaign that you’re running. It might also help if you segment subscribers so that only those who will be interested in the campaign will receive the email. That saves you time and keeps subscribers interested since you always provide them the right kind of information they might want or need regarding your ecommerce business.

6. Integrate a call-to-action in each message.

So far, we’ve only been talking about how to make your emails more enticing to read for subscribers. However, we also need to make sure that email campaigns are able to provide opportunities to convert interest into actions. Links and buttons that funnel subscribers from their email into a landing page can help you improve these conversion rates.

The best way to integrate a call-to-action is to add them right at the beginning or the end of your

email. Subscribers need to know where they can click to immediately have access to what you’re promoting. Keeping links visible makes it more accessible for them. Since it’s accessible, there’s a greater chance of getting them to click the link and check out what’s inside.

7. Keep on testing different strategies that work for your subscribers.

Testing different layouts, designs, content, and tone is a must to keep your email marketing campaigns successful. Unfortunately, there’s no perfect formula for email marketing that works on every set of subscriber list.

You have to understand what do your subscribers and purchasers want to hear from you.

No matter how good your content or layout may seem for you, it might not always reflect your expected results since your subscribers might just not be interested in what you’re providing. Get feedback as much as possible.

If you can’t get feedback then try testing different strategies and see which one works.


As a final note, email marketing is expected to remain one of the best channels for sending information to subscribers and followers. You can personalize each email and you can also segment lists to be able to target audiences for each campaign. The success of these campaigns in driving growth to your ecommerce business depends on how well it targets the right audience with the appropriate content.

Understanding more about your subscribers can help make email marketing be more effective in reaching out to them. Right now, it is comfort and accessibility that help get users interested in reading your emails.

By following these tips, you can gain more opportunities through increased open rates and conversion rates which help drive in sales.

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