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Why Every Marketing Strategy is Important Today?


I’m not so good at preparing dinner or lunch. I know how to make some breakfast but that’s all. And yes, if those breakfasts include some eggs, bacon and some coffee, then it’s perfect.

But what if I challenge you to cook a dinner and you have all the ingredients you want. But you open the kitchen cabinet’s door and you see that you only have a spoon. So you just can’t prepare and cook the dinner, right? You need a knife or 2, you need a spoon, a fork and other elements that can help you prepare the food.

Now let’s get back a little bit on our land, the marketing land, and see what we have here.

You can’t say that you only need a good content marketing strategy to drive results for your website. Or you just can’t say that with only social media you can boost your business.

We need all the instruments today and we just can’t say that only one marketing instrument is enough.

Content Marketing without creating content and promoting it is just not enough. Having a clear goal with measurable metrics is important for this strategy. But SEO without good content it’s just not enough today. And you need social media to get closer to your potential customers. Oh yeah, and I almost forgot about PPC, banner ads, email marketing and landing pages. And these are just a few instruments we need to keep in mind when we talk about digital marketing strategy.

But you can’t focus on just one instrument and let the other on the second level. More of that, there is no important and non-important strategies, platforms, instruments. Each of these are important and you need to pay as much attention as you can to them.

If you want to have a good marketing, you need to make all strategies work together!

Just like a good cook. It’s not about the instruments he has in the kitchen, it’s about how he is using them to prepare a good food.

But yes, you just can’t use all these marketing instruments at the best on them.

There is a time and a place when an instrument or a strategy is worth using it. And I get to my cooking example again: you can’t make coffee with a knife, or you can’t eat soup with a fork, or you can’t cook a steak with only 2 Chinese sticks.

To know when you need to use one of these instruments, you must understand which are your business goals and what you want to achieve. Also, you need to learn how these strategies are working. And you are only a human and you can’t know every little thing of these strategies. This is why teamwork is the best strategy you need to embrace today!

So my conclusion is very simple and I only hope you will understand this – we need all marketing strategy.

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