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We Need To Experience Marketing More


Lately I’m looking to understand more about what experience in marketing is and why we need it so much in our culture.

With a simple search on Google you can see that there is no clear definition of experience marketing or experience marketer. Maybe this is why I want to try and share my point of view.

This article is for everyone who believes in marketing or who has the honor of calling themselves “a marketer”.

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An honor and even more, a responsibility.

A marketer is more than a person who is planning some kind of campaign, not matter if we’re talking about digital or traditional. Being a truly passionate marketer is not a job, it’s more of a lifestyle.

After reading an article on TechCrunch about how everything the tech world says about marketing is wrong and how marketing changed today, I can say that I’m more than happy to look at this and see that it is more than a 9 to 5 job to me. So what if today content marketing is a new trendy term? So what if social media marketing is another Google Trend? So what if HubSpot made the “inbound marketing” so popular? I don’t believe we need to stop and think about this.

A marketer will always do what they know best – make better marketing every day with every tools they can have!

But here are my two cents about the TC article – if you want to stay with your head in the game, you gotta get your hands dirty!

The 2 kinds of marketers in this world

I know two kind of marketers around me: the ones who live and breathe marketing and the ones who can’t wait for the week to be over and still call themselves “marketers”.

Well, the world needs every one of us.

But today I want to talk to the real marketer who’s going to read this article when they’re at home, while drinking their morning coffee or before they go to bed.

This world needs more experienced marketers – those who are not afraid to try new things, who go against the masses, who push the limits and always measure the results.

Yes, I’m talking to you. The one who is trying to do everything by the book, or according to the article you just read on one of those top 10 marketing blogs. I personally love reading those articles and I have a few ones that I follow and try to take some good advice from them.

But when it comes to do something for the brand I work, I look in my backyard and I’m trying new things. Why? Because I believe that my context is different than all the other context and articles out there where I can learn tips and tricks on how to do it.

But sometimes it’s hard and I fail.

So, if you thought that this article is about a new campaign or trick on how to do your job, then you got it wrong. This is a call for every marketer out there who wants something more than just what others are saying.

I believe that we need to start experimenting more in marketing and then share our ideas, struggles and fails. Exactly – if you want to be a great marketer who owns a blog, start writing about your experience while you try, fail, succeed and make it on your own.

Marketing is getting harder every day and we must divide our time between education, work, measurement and optimization. And I’m not talking about social media marketing, content marketing, SEO, SEM, advertising – I’m talking about everything that falls under the word “marketing”.

So marketers, this is my statement for you today and please make it a big movement.

Let’s experiment more and try new things that will help us create more valuable projects.


Because today we are more responsible than ever for the future.

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