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Guest Blogging Techniques for a Successful Link Building Strategy

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

Guest blogging is one of the best strategies you can work on and develop if you want to market a brand, a website or why not, market yourself as a personal brand.

Whether you have technical skills or not, in order to promote yourself successfully, you need to take care of a few ingredients that should not miss from your marketing strategy as:

I have discussed all these things previously and I feel confident you are already aware of their importance.

What is more relevant to this specific context is the fact that all of them are easily achievable through Guest blogging .

Why is Guest blogging and what techniques can you use for improving your results?

This is what I am going to talk about today so, stay tuned.

Let’s start with the basics.

What is Guest blogging ?

Well, unlike chasing wild rabbits and searching thousands of relevant websites for backlinks, you can do better while easing your work as well. You can choose some of the top blogs in your niche and become a contributor. Become a guest author.

robert katai entrepreneur

What does this mean?

Why is Guest blogging relevant?

Guest blogging is important for marketing strategies for many reasons. Here are some of the main ones, the main reasons I use this approach as well:

1. Building relationships

Guest blogging allows you to get in contact with numerous professionals and writers from your field of expertise, with peers that on the long run may prove to be good acquaintances. Knowing as many professionals as possible in a specific industry is a good starting point for every individual or marketer who tries to build up a new brand, be it personal or professional.

2. Creating valuable content

Guest blogging is demanding. You get to post on other niche professional websites, each of them with its own set of rules and challenges.

Each of the websites or blogs you will want to guest post on will ask you to find something really good to write about, an interesting idea or topic and they will reject your content of it is not the best.

All this will challenge you to become better, to improve your style, learn more about the selected topics and become a better professional in your field. At the same time, as they will be great pieces of content, they will attract viewers, readers and a lot of shares and mentions. This will allow you to increase your popularity, build a powerful and strong personal brand and why not, become an influencer in your field.

3. Gathering relevant backlinks

This is one of the main points of becoming a guest blogger, as well as the previous two already mentioned above. Each Guest blogging account will feature a new and unique link back to your main website. Some of the bloggers will also allow you to insert personal links within the articles you will publish, links that will add to your website’s checklist of valuable backlinks.

What are the best guests posting techniques applicable today?

And yeah, we’ve finally reached the main point of our present article. As expected, I am going to unveil some of the best guest blogging techniques available in 2019 and explain them in short, to help you understand each of these strategies better.

I will start with the first one and then move on to the next and so on until we’ve cleared them all after I go through some of the main things you need to do in order to prepare for this job:

Mainly, your preliminary work will consist of three main steps:

  •         Find relevant websites who accept guest blogging and where you can pitch your ideas
  •         Find relevant and interesting topics to write about
  •         Write the content and get it approved on those websites, one by one

What is a guest blog?

A guest blog, plain and simple, is a website/blog that accepts articles and posts from guest authors that are not affiliated with the main company or brand. Guest bloggers write usually on the main topics of the website and they receive instead a personal author profile and an affiliated link.

Unlike the name suggests, there is no such thing as a guest blog.

There are blogs that accept and welcome guest authors, this not being their main focus.

Example: CMI (Content Marketing Institute)

Does guest blogging work?

In just a word, Yes. It works and it has become quite popular during the past few years.

Why does it work and how? Why should you guest blog?

Well, it works because when you market a business you need two main things:

  1.       Influence/reputation/awareness
  2.       Page rank/backlinks

Let me explain in just a few words both these statements.

Let’s start with the first one. When I say influence, I refer also to reputation and awareness.

They are somehow related and the same thing if you look at them as a whole. Especially when you are at the beginning, you need awareness. You need people to hear about you, to know you exist etc. By contributing on major websites from your niche, you get this almost immediately. I am talking about websites already established as reputable sources and red by thousands if not more people.

logo top publishers

All those people will read your articles and get to know you after a while. This is also beneficial to your own reputation as you get to build a personal brand from scratch.

If you are marketing for a brand or a company, you get the same results, as you can associate that brand with your guest blogger profile.

What about the page rank issue? What’s to gain from guest blogging?

Well, a lot.

Most of the websites that accept this type of contribution from external third party writers, will allow you to use at least one link to your personal or company’s website. Some of them will even allow you to link from the articles, not just from your writer profile section.

These are all backlinks from reputable websites that are not only influential in your niche but at the same time valuable as related through the content they share. Backlinks from websites that are from the same industry or related industries value more to Google than backlinks from random sources.

Here, you can read about quite a few examples of how guest posting may be of help. The one that caught my attention first, however, was the success story shared by Michael Alexis who managed to get $30k in profits with just a single guest post.

How do I become a guest blogger?

Well, the solution is pretty simple to implement. All you need is some free time for research and of course, some great ideas to pitch to the websites you target as potential distribution channels for you.

In order to become a guest blogger, however, you need to find out websites/blogs from your industry or on your main topic of interest that accept guest bloggers.

My suggestion is to perform a quick search on Google by typing your main keywords followed by “guest author”, “guest blogging”, “become a contributor” etc. Mainly, you can think about anything that resembles the guest posting method and try to find out as many websites as you can.

Once you find them out, you can start sending them written requests by mail, pitching some of your chosen topics and titles. The rest is up to the webmasters and your success will depend on you ability to write valuable readable articles in perfect English (or the language of your choice).

I have acquired some experience already as a guest blogger and I have also explained as well as I could what I did to get here, what were my struggles and how I managed to overpass them in a featured article about guest posting as a marketing strategy.

Now, that we’ve cleared the air, what strategies can you use in order to maximize your results?

1. The Splintering Technique

This technique is even easier and it can be paired with the above one. In fact, I actually encourage you to combine these two methods and come up with content for many websites in one shot.

How and what is this splintering technique all about?

Well, let me explain it as easy as possible:

  • First, use the Robin Hood Technique in order to find relevant topics and ideas to write about. Do it in order to find many ideas, not just one, because this marketing strategy will obviously be for the long run.
  • Then, write a really big and well-documented article, with lots and lots of ideas covered and topics that mix well together and separately. Use lots of headers, subheadings, chapters, and sources.
  • Then, split that big article into 2, 3 or more standalone articles which can be immediately pitched to multiple websites. It’s an easy way to speed up the Guest blogging process and collect many backlinks in just one shot.


Let’s say you want to write about a topic similar to this one. You can create a chapter for Guest blogging strategies, one for how to find relevant blogs and content and one to write about some of the best tools you can use in order to ease your work and make it more efficient.

Out of the blue, you have three different articles you can now pitch on three different websites. Isn’t it great?

4. The Grapevine Protocol

This strategy was recently made public by Perrin Carell on the Authority Hacker blog.

What you need to do is to search for media pages. Why?

A lot of companies and brands like to brag about other websites and writers mentioning them in their articles, reviewing their products, etc. Some of them create media pages and as social proof, give to their readers and customers full lists of mentions with titles, excerpts and of course, links that point to the online sources.

Which, in this case, they can be your blogs or even your guest post pages.

Here’s an example from AWS:


And, another one from Urban.org:


This can be an easy way to post on relevant websites from your niche, even if they don’t accept guest posts and get your valuable links with minimal or no effort on your part, except for the fact that you have written the article. However, you need content so the writing part is already implied.

Some of the websites will pick you a link if they come across it. What about all the other websites?

Well, you need to outreach, contact their webmasters/owners, and ask them nicely to link back to you after presenting your relevant content which features their brand and or products.

The approach is similar to what you would do in any other case in which you want to approach a peer and propose some mutually beneficial relationship. All you need is a template for your emails and a free minute to write individually to each and every website.

It should go something like this:

email example outreach

3. The Comedian Technique

The next technique was made popular by Gregory Ciotti on his blog and managed to attract my attention immediately due to its uncommon name: The comedian technique. What is it all about?

Guest blogging can become quite exhausting if you have big goals and I am sure nobody starts with small ones, isn’t it? Well, when you are struggling to meet your own set goals, burnout is waiting right at the corner. It is quite easy to get there.

What’s the comedian technique all about and why is it great to avoid burnout?

Most of you saw or heard at least once a stand-up comedy act or at least parts of it. If you are following a big comedian and see more than one of his or her acts, you’ll notice that they are not all original. I mean, nobody comes with a new good joke every day, not to mention that a comedian needs hundreds of jokes for a single act.

What do they do? They recycle and reuse. I know, these are two of the most popular words these days and for good reasons.

How can you apply this to your own guest posting strategy?

Re-USE the information. Go back to old articles with great ideas and try to reuse those ideas. It’s not about copying and pasting the old pieces and send duplicate contents to the editors of your guest blogs. No, it’s not about that. It’s about writing new pieces based on some of your best ideas and come up with new and reusable articles, fresh and unique.

This way, your work is half done when you start typing as part of the initial research is reduced to almost nothing.

Here’s another example of this technique, as described by Mark Macdonald on Shopify, a great example that explains în details the reuse-remix guest posting technique.

4. The Perspective Techniques

This third technique centers around finding opportunities on adjacent niches or relevant websites slightly outside your main focus.

For instance, let’s say you want to write an article about content marketing through guest blogging. With the perspective technique, you can look at this idea from a new perspective and come up with something really niched like:

  • Guest blogging strategies for B2B marketers. Or,
  • Guest blogging techniques for eCommerce marketers. Or,
  • Guest blogging techniques for personal branding.

You got the idea, right?

You can also pick other topics, of course, and use the easiest tool available for suggestions in order to view them in perspective: Google search.

The Perspective Techniques

It is that simple. And yet, it is effective, since you can expand virtually on every idea that comes to your mind.

 5. The Robin Hood Technique

Remember the legendary hero who always took from the rich and gave back to the poor? This strategy is all about that and nothing more. Well, almost. You don’t have to master the art of the bow and arrows or chase rich people through the Sherwood forest. Nor is stealing involved in this strategy. However, it will help you a lot when you will need to choose the headlines to pitch to the Guest blogging ready websites.

Let me explain it quickly:

Find topic ideas from popular sites, aka the rich and adapt them and write your own unique content to give to the lesser-known sites. Is that simple?

Well, it is. What you do basically is get inspiration from the greatest authors out there and nothing more than that. It should be enough if you master your field, enough to expand their ideas and create something relevant and new to your niche audience.

TIP: Whenever you come across a really good article or an article that has generated many shares, views and comments, save it into a list of ideas to pitch. You’ll thank yourself later when you will select your topics to write about.

Or, you can just use Ahref’s Content explorer and pick your competitors websites one by one and look for the most popular blog posts.

Ahrefs content explorer


Guest blogging is one of the most efficient strategies for link building and personal marketing. It takes a lot more work to write articles not only on your main blog but also on other third-party blogs and websites but on the long run, every minute spent doing this will be worth it.

With this article, I tried to explain, in just a few words, some of the best techniques you can use for guest posting in 2019 and help you achieve the best results in the least of time possible.

What other techniques are you using right now, to what extent and why?

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