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Why I Don’t Believe That Creativity Can be Learned


I don’t believe in the next quote: Creativity can be learned.

Sorry for all of those individuals who believe in it, but let me tell you my piece of mind and we can talk in the comment section to discuss about.

This is something I saw during the period of working in an industry like marketing and also observing other industries like art, theater, urban art and others.

The thing as I see is that there are 2 types of creative persons:

The one who everybody looks at as a creative person – some of them are art creators, some of them are just having creative ideas and thoughts and some of them are just the “creative type of person” because they behave like this.

The another one who uses creativity to solve a problem, a situation. The one who uses creativity to get from a point to another in a more easy way.

These are the 2 type of creatives I see.

Even if there are tremendous articles and a lot of books about what to do to be more creative, to learn creativity or to get creative in your area, I don’t believe that you can learn how to be creative in a specific way.

It’s like you can’t learn to be talented.

For example, let’s have a look at basketball. There are players who play in NBA like LeBron James, Russel Westbrook, Kevin Durant or Stephen Curry. There are other players who play in another league like AND1 streetball. There are the high school players or the ones who play around the block and there are players who just do it for fun.

The difference between a guy like LeBron James and the one who is playing weekly with some friends is that LeBron is a talented guy, creative on the field and he gives 100% of everything he’s got for this sport.

Yes, LeBron is a talented guy but he also works a lot to be the best in his industry. To be an inspiration for the ones who are looking up to him. He is using his creativity on the field when he is playing for the Cavs.

Creatives use their talent to make something significant not only for them, but also for others.

But they also work hard every day, practice and get more experienced with time because this is what they are trained to do.

You can find inspiration in everything you see around, but that doesn’t make you more creative.

For example, take a brush, 3 colors and a canvas and put in a white room the following ones: a creative person who is talented in painting, a creative person who is talented in basketball and a person who read all the book about how to be creative. Let them paint the canvas and you will see the difference.

As I think more about creativity, I can say that every person is having its one of the kind type of creativity. There are the chefs in kitchen who are creative, there are the painters, the singers, the programmers, the marketers, the copywriters, the photographers, the butchers, the car drivers, the teachers, the preachers, the journalists.

In fact, we are all creative. So how can we learn something we are?

Everybody is creative in a certain way, but that doesn’t mean that we can learn creativity in only one way, if you understand what I mean.

You can use creativity to:

  1. Create something
  2. Solve a problem
  3. Communicate a situation

I love how Seth Godin is putting the word “art” in every person project. If you create art people will get to you sooner or later. But that means that your art should be somehow significant for them. Did you create something that your community loves to consume? Did you solve a problem with your art? Did you communicate a situation using your art?

Why do we want to be creative in creating something if we are creative in communicate a situation? Isn’t this a little disturbing for us? I thought so.

This is why I believe that we can’t learn creativity, but we can get better in our type of creativity.

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