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It Doesn’t Matter the Brand Name or Logo

Visual Marketing
Visual Marketing

What is branding today from a business perspective? Everything. What is marketing today from the same perspective? Everything.

Because everything you show on/for/from the internet is branding. Everything you create on/for/from the internet is content. Everything you promote on/for/from the internet is marketing.

We just want them to call them differently because it’s cool, or because we want to stand out from the crowd.

For example, I like to call myself a Visual Marketer: this is the intersection of visual content (the research, trend, creation, implementation) and marketing  (the promotion, marketing, branding, strategy part) But if I’m looking at who I really am is just a simple marketer who loves to blog and use social media in different ways.

I got a logo made for this blog because I don’t see it very relevant to use the name of the domain “Robert Katai” somewhere into the top. In fact, the logo is not the important factor of this blog. The important factor is me. The one who is creates the blog posts, the one who manages it, the one who is promotes it.

And if I’m looking at content creators like Paul Jarvis, Neil Patel, Rand Fishkin, Joe Pulizzi or Gary Vaynerchuk (yep, I’m calling the big guys out) they don’t invest so much in their logos, graphic elements or other branding visual thingies. – Their branding is their work!

It doesn’t matter the logo or brand name

It doesn’t matter the name of your brand. It matters what you do and how you do it.

Did you hear about Yoyodyne or Squidoo? Or did you heard about brands like Banza, Drizly, Leo, Homer, Hullabalu? I know. They don’t sound anything like a good branding name if you are not in their industry or if you didn’t connect somehow with them.

But I believe that the name of your brand, the logo of your brand or even the color of your brand don’t matter before the work you put out there. It doesn’t matter how you look before the product you sell!

When you create something valuable on the internet, when you give a solution for a problem, people are not interested in your name or logo. They are interested in their problem and how to find a solution for it.

Let’s say that you have a brand that is called something like Zozodyre (yeah, I adapted it from Yoyodyne) and you want to build a brand in your industry. Well my friend, today you can use content marketing to communicate with the people around you, friends, family and customers about what you do, what you think about the industry and what your product/service can do for it. You can create great amounts of content on how to use your product/service, why the community needs your product/service and when people need it.

The internet gave us the power to advertise whenever we want it. The time when you buy a limited space in the newspaper for only a limited time it’s over. You don’t need to get deeper into the limited traditional media. You have the internet which it’s an unlimited place where you can put out your brand.

I’m not saying that branding is not important, but I want to outline the fact that the business is more important than the visual part of your brand (logo, color, font type etc)

And when I say business I’m talking about everything that can be a business for you: a company that sells a product, a blog, a website, a magazine, a SaaS product and the list can go on and on.

If your brand is the solution for the problem, then don’t get stuck into the “How should we call us” or “What should our logo look like?” moment.

And when that solution is called Uber, Facebook Live, Bannersnack, Google Docs, iPhone 7 or Flipboard, it doesn’t matter the brand name, color, graphic element type or website.

It only matters the fact that the company is a solution for a problem.

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