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12 Top Marketers to Follow on Instagram

Social Media
Social Media

Instagram has become one of the biggest players in Social Media in the last few years. It took Twitter’s place, beat Snapchat and now we can all say that is in top 3 social networks, along with Facebook and YouTube.

And there are tons of articles that are talking about marketing on Instagram, how to create a successful Instagram strategy and other tactics you should use to grow your Instagram. I know because I wrote many of those articles.

Everyone knows that Instagram is the number one social media platform in my heart. Yes, I’m kinda romantic about this network and I’ve even started a local project about it, gave advice to a few clients on how to use Instagram and also launched a national project that provides information and statistics about the local market.

But as a marketer on Instagram I’m constantly struggling to find new and cool users that are just like me, marketers on Instagram.

So this is why I’ve created this list you should follow if you are looking for the best marketers on Instagram. It’s a list made from my personal point of view, but if you know any other instagrammers that I might add to this list, please leave me a comment with a link to their profile and the reason why a marketer should follow account.

This is not the kind of article that will tell you how to use Instagram just like these marketers do nor will it teach you how to be thought leader or a world top marketer.

You should know that some of these marketers use Instagram to create a personal brand, to share their lives or to market their products. And some of these marketers also have teams behind their Instagram accounts. So if you want to be the next Vaynerchuk of Instagram you should start hiring a team that can take care of your Instagram account.

Before we dive into the list, let’s see why marketers love Instagram and try to understand why is this such a popular network.

First of all, Instagram is a mobile network and it’s very easy to use. You only have to take your phone, open the Instagram app and shot the photo or record the video, edit it and upload with a description if you want. It’s as simple as it can be. And as we all know, marketers love simple things because they have a lot of things to do.

Also Instagram has developed a few features that marketers appreciate a lot. For example, you can add 5 accounts and you can manage them all from your Instagram app. You don’t have to use any third party apps or to logout and login and logout and login every time you want to manage an Instagram account.

Another reason why Instagram is loved by marketers is that last year they launched Instagram Stories and now it’s one of their main features with more than 250 million active users. You can upload photos, videos, boomerangs and stream live videos that will disappear in 24 hours. Why do marketers love this feature? Because it’s the perfect tool to engage with communities.

Well, there are many other reasons I could talk about, but for those you should just follow me on Twitter or read my blog to be updated with my new articles about visual marketing, Instagram, social media and content marketing.

So, if you are a marketer and you are looking for other marketers on Instagram I recommend you to continue reading this article and find out why you should follow them.


 1. Gary Vaynerchuk

A post shared by Gary Vay-Ner-Chuk (@garyvee) on

A post shared by Gary Vay-Ner-Chuk (@garyvee) on

I started following Gary when he only had a few thousand followers. But then he was working hard on his YouTube channel and his blog. And then Snapchat came around and Gary moved to Snapchat, evangelizing about this network and convincing influencers and celebrities to embrace the little white ghost. But when Instagram has launched their Instagram Stories and created so many features that Gary found very useful for his Instagram strategy, he moved there. He even hired a team to manage his Instagram account. So if you are interested in entrepreneurship, motivational and marketing videos, selfies and quote wallpapers I recommend you to check out his profile and follow him.


 2. Steven Bartlett

Steven is a very young CEO of one of the biggest social media marketing agencies in this industry. He is using his Instagram account to motivate the ones who follow him and to keep up with his life. In fact, you will see some documenting content as photos and videos from where his business trips, from conferences or from meetings with his staff.


 3. Scott Stratten

A post shared by unmarketing (@unmarketing) on

A post shared by unmarketing (@unmarketing) on


Scott is the kind of speaker you want to listen for more than once in a lifetime. He is very funny on the stage but also very transparent with marketing and his audience. He uses his Instagram account to document his journey, posts selfies with his family and some quotes you will find funny when browsing your feed.

 4. Jay Baer

A post shared by Jay Baer (@jaybaer) on

A post shared by Jay Baer (@jaybaer) on

I bet that you’ve already heard about Jay Baer. But if you didn’t, please check out his agency www.convinceandconvert.com and read their blog. You’ll make yourself a favor! It’s the one blog you must bookmark if you want to know what it’s all about with digital marketing and social media. Jay has a very simple approach on Instagram.

You will see all kind of photos with other influencers, when he is on stage and yeah, sunsets and food.


 5. Rand Fishkin

A post shared by Rand Fishkin (@randderuiter) on

If you don’t know who Rand is then let me tell you a few keywords and see if you remember him: Moz, T-shaped marketer, Whiteboard friday. Well? Does this ring a bell? Rand is the founder of MOZ and he is using Instagram from a very personal point of view. No marketing quotes, no inspirational videos. Just his life journey, dinners with his wife, selfies and photos with clouds, food and books.


 6. Patel Sujan

A post shared by Sujan Patel (@patel_sujan) on

Sujan is an entrepreneur, marketer and also an adrenaline junkie. On his Instagram account you will see photos of himself on the stage, talking about marketing, riding a motorcycle or having dinner with his friends.

He posted only 15 photos till now but maybe with this article I can make him create more content on this network.


 7. Michael Aagaard

Michael is the senior conversion optimizer at Unbounce, a very cool speaker and a very passionate wildlife photographer. You can also see his photos on his website but also on his Instagram account where he publishes photos of his passions: nature, wildlife and some of photos with him on stage.

And Michael has a really cool beard 🙂


8. Oli Gardner

A post shared by Oli Gardner (@theoligardner) on

A post shared by Oli Gardner (@theoligardner) on

This is not an article in which I’m sharing Unbounce employees’ Instagram accounts but if they are doing a great job, then why not recommend them? Oli’s account is just like a polaroid

camera. He is posting everything around him: a photo to a Polaroid photo, another photo with him working on his speech for the CTA conference with his laptop, napkin, paper and sun glasses. And you can see him as a romantic marketer posting selfies with his wife or sunsets.


9. April Dunford

A post shared by April Dunford (@aprildunford) on

A post shared by April Dunford (@aprildunford) on

April is the kind of marketer you want to follow if you’ve had enough marketing quotes, step by step guides and how to articles for the year you are living ebooks. April is doing marketing and sales for startups but she uses her Instagram account to share her passions and human side.

And when I say human side I’m thinking about photos in which she is teaching her kids how to make blueberry pie.


10. Ryan Holiday

A post shared by Ryan Holiday (@ryanholiday) on

A post shared by Ryan Holiday (@ryanholiday) on

Ryan is an author and media strategist who is using his Instagram account to share photos with his community, the places he visits or his farm work. He is the kind of author that doesn’t share his own quotes. If you are interested in his work, I recommend you to check out his website and buy his books. Maybe one my favorite photos from Ryan’s timeline is the one with him, his kid and the Iron Maiden t-shirt.

Ryan is also running the @dailystoic Instagram account.


 11. Marie Forleo

A post shared by Marie Forleo (@marieforleo) on

A post shared by Marie Forleo (@marieforleo) on

Even if she is not a 100% marketer I still believe that she can be considered one completely! Why? Because of the way she understands content marketing and how she uses content to drive more revenue for other businesses and also for her business too. You will see videos that motivate your day and selfies with her drinking coffee or reading a book.

And if this is the life she has, then… why not.


 12. Noah Kagan

A post shared by Noah Kagan (@noahkagan) on

A post shared by Noah Kagan (@noahkagan) on

Noah is not the typical marketer at all. In fact, I don’t know if I can call Noah a marketer, an entrepreneur, a podcaster or whatever we need to call him. But I really love how Noah uses Instagram. Yes, you will see photos with his bikes and Instagram Stories with food, but also you will stay updated with his newest podcast episodes. I’m following Noah on Instagram because I never know what will be the next Instagram photo or video and that’s pretty exciting.


As you can see most of these marketers are using Instagram just to have fun and to share their own lives. Some of them have teams who are managing their account and some of them only post a few photos because they don’t have the amount of time to invest in it or they didn’t find the right reasons why they should use it. There is no common point on how marketers use Instagram so I can’t tell you that you should do this and this to become a big marketer on Instagram.

These are all the marketers I’m recommending you to follow on Instagram.

I’m not saying that they are the best of the best, I’m not saying that you must follow all of them. Maybe you won’t find any of these accounts worthy of following because you are looking for something else. Well, then just go on Instagram and start typing in the explore bar words like: marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing and others and start looking for them. And if you find something interesting, just let me know in the comment section below.

And if you are looking for marketing agencies and companies, here is a short list as a bonus that you had so much patience to read this article and also as a thank you for reading my blog:


And don’t forget to follow me too:)

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