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Marketing is Just Like a Puzzle


When I was a kid, making puzzles was one of kids’ favorite winter activities. I, on the other hand, wasn’t and I’m still not a big fan of making puzzles. And I admit it, I also don’t have enough patience to look at a big table, with hundreds of pieces of puzzle on it and find the right place of each piece.

But I know people that actually really enjoy making puzzles while sitting at their table, drinking wine and listening to some good old old jazz songs.

Puzzle is that kind of game that makes you concentrate on the details but with which in order to finish it, you need to always keep in mind the big picture.

There are moments when you focus only on a smart part, not because of that tiny little piece of puzzle, but because of that big picture you want to complete.

You can’t have the entire picture if you don’t start focusing one by one on every piece of your puzzle.

It’s a small-big game. Just like in marketing.

Today I realized that marketing works just like a game of puzzle. Us, marketers, always focus on the small details, working hard to get to the big picture. But this happens only if we know the purpose of every small part and it’s precise place.

But the thing is that we often fall into the small game system. We often believe that content marketing is enough for our business. Or we think that if we focus more and more on social media, it will help our business grow faster and stronger.

I bet that you know very well that kind of articles and presentations in which the author said “With social media my business grew to 6 figures!” or “Using SEO helped my landing pages convert more every day!”

We forgot that we should focus on the big game.

For example, I found myself believing that if I only do social media or if I only write on the company’s blog, it will help my website gain more traffic. But writing articles and doing social media isn’t enough.

I had to understand the “Why” question for the blog. Why am I blogging? Why am I writing this certain blog post? Why am I writing long or short articles? Why am I using this headline?

I need to focus on keywords, answer questions that can fulfill my audience’s needs, create external and internal links that can help a certain landing page be on top of Google Search. And with all of these pieces I can put together a strategy and help the entire business.

So we find ourselves looking at the tiny little puzzle piece in our hand, we stare at the other pieces sitting in a total chaos in a box and we contemplate at the big picture that we need to create.

We need to use all of these little pieces of puzzle in order to complete the big picture. Sometimes we need to make it on our own and sometimes we need to ask for help (from my point of view, working with a team is always better than working alone).

But we should never ever forget the big picture of the puzzle.

And sometimes is that difficult that we have to quit. But there is a challenge over there that only smart marketers understand. So take a big breath, make yourself comfortable, put your hands on the keyboard and start working.

Piece after piece. Puzzle after puzzle. But never forget that there is a bigger picture that you need to create.

We need patience to get to the final piece.

What I really want to say is that in marketing, there is no such thing as “with content marketing your business can grow bigger” or “using social media every day can increase your incomes” or “email marketing will skyrocket your brand”.

Each and every one of these strategies must work together, not separate – as a well oiled machine.

In conclusion, you should start looking at what you have in your hand, where that piece should go and work together with the others to complete the big picture.

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