I’m not the motivational and inspirational ideas type. Perhaps the only thing I draw inspiration for is my daily work. Though I don’t see anything wrong with a motivational text, I do think it has to come at a right time. Cause maybe you’re going through a rough time and you do need some encouraging, but maybe I’m in a relatively good moment in my life and I cannot “see” the weight of a motivational text. Again, it’s all about the right place and the right time.

How many of you recognize these lyrics?

Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity. To seize everything you ever wanted in one moment. Would you capture it or just let it slip?” Eminem’s lyrics from “Lose yourself”. An old song, yes, but I’m pretty sure we’re all still humming when we hear it on the radio while driving.

Ok, maybe Eminem is not what he used to be, but song lyrics can sometimes still hold a pretty interesting meaning even after a while. Or they can inspire a post.

Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity

I recently downloaded a game on my phone called “Real Basketball”. A simple app that simulates different types of shooting a ball at a basketball hoop. You can just shoot Arcade or you can get in a tournament, you can shoot against the clock or you can only use one ball.

“One shot“.

We can include in our everyday life this “one shot”. Let’s play an imagination game.

Today’s the day you have to turn in next season’s marketing campaign. There will be a meeting where the management board will be waiting for your marketing solution for the problem reported in the last quarter. You promised you will come up with the solution today. You’ve worked hard for this campaign, looked for resources and researched. Last night you drew the line and now, while you’re drinking your coffee, you’re going over it again, checking to see if you missed anything, forgot something important and thinking about the success of this campaign. But what if this campaign will cost you your job? Whoops. I know it may sound blunt and a bit unrealistic, but that’s why I’ve called it an imagination game. How and how much did you work for this campaign? How many resources would you invest and how much interest would you give to get a profit, a plus and advance your brand’s growth? Do you get how much more importance would you give to your campaign if it would be a “one shot”?

We could keep going with the imagination game for the advertisers presenting a campaign for a company, journalists writing an article or bloggers writing a post.

If your job, your future, the safety of your tomorrow would depend on this project, how much importance would you give in?

I you’d have just one chance, one shot, how much effort would you give?

There should be some motivation words here right about now, telling you that you can climb all the steps, that you have to work hard to get on top, etc. But I’m not that good at this. If you’re looking for motivational and inspirational thoughts, you should go to church instead of paying for a motivational speaker.

It’s your choice how you want to do your job. I’ve just invited you to do an imagination game. In the end the decision is yours.

if you had one shot

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