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Content Marketing

A lot of ugly things can be said about advertising: that advertising manipulates, advertising lies, that advertising is Satan’s right hand, that advertising is a mask for bad people, that advertising is a bad cook, that advertising’s shoes are dirty. In the end you can say anything you want about advertising; after all, this is a free country and you have the right to speak.

People tend to deny general advertising. That’s right. That advertising which does not deal directly with the man. If in the “mad men” era there was talk of mass communication channels, nowadays, in the digital era things have changed.

The offers are personalized. Ads are targeted. Communities which receive special offers were created. People don’t want to be part of a large mass anymore, they want to be special. Advertising has to be for them and only them. The pride in saying “they did this for me” or “I was the only one getting this type of offer” is priceless.

General advertising is hated by everyone, but personal advertising is loved by every person in particular.

And yes, today it’s all about the target! Targeted People! Targeted Ads! Targeted Audience! Targeted Platform! Think about it!

Here are some great 3 tips for better online retargeting campaigns!

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