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16 Marketing Podcast You Need to Listen to Right Now

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

I started listening to marketing podcasts since November 2014.

But before that I learned a lot about marketing by reading articles and watch videos and webinars.

There are a lot of great sources of information out there for the digital marketer. You can read niche blogs, watch YouTube videos and of course, start subscribing to some marketing podcasts as well. I will choose the later one for today’s article and present you with my own list of 16 of the best marketing podcasts I am currently subscribed to.

“Why podcast should I listen to”, you will ask?

Well, besides the fact that podcasting is a growing niche in content creation and dissemination, they allow us to stay informed, get new ideas and inspiration at any time. You can listen to a podcast while jogging, cooking or commuting from home to work.

If you want to start a podcast, you should check out this guide.

They ease our access to what information we feed our brains on and this is why they are a great choice for any professional. Plus, you can choose to engage yourself in podcast marketing.

By listening to the best in the field, you can learn a lot.

Also, this article was updated after I saw an Ahref tweet about best marketing podcasts in 2019.

Here’s my list of the best marketing podcasts:

1. The CMO podcast

The CMO PodcastThe CMO podcast introduces us to marketing related topics from the CMO perspective. The podcast is hosted by Jim Stengel and features a lot of interesting guests. Together, they try to paint the picture through the manager’s eyes, one of the most demanding positions in a company.

Just in case you are not convinced yet, you need to know that Jim Stengel is the former CMO of Procter and Gamble, one of the most important marketers in the world.

So I asked Kal Elsebai, Director Of Podcasts at Gallery Podcast Company, about this podcast and why marketers should subscribe to it:

What makes your podcast different?
“The CMO Podcast is not your typical marketing podcast, this is a unique look at the mindset and motivation of the CMO. It’s more story telling than it is question and answer interview.”

Why should people subscribe to your podcast?
“It is a phenomenal resource providing professionals’ insight and pragmatic solutions to the ever changing challenges of marketing, all through our incredible guest’s personal experience’s that they share with our host. Jim is a master interviewer and the discussions are full of actionable insight delivered through wonderful story telling. You really get to hear each CMO’s journey and how they address challenges, though lessons learned throughout their career.”




2. The Gary Vee Audio Experience

I won’t tell you more about Gary Vaynerchuk because I’m sure most of you already think that I’m paid to promote him:))

But if you haven’t had a chance to subscribe to his Youtube channel and follow his video content (perhaps you haven’t had the time and the mood to watch him) then I recommend you subscribe to his podcast full of charisma and passion.

It addresses topics related to social media and entrepreneurship.




3. PNR – This Old Marketing

pnr podcastContent Marketing Institute is a name that I am more than sure, is well known among all marketers and bloggers from all around the world.

Among a lot of other services, they host one of the best marketing related blogs that exist to this day and offer a lot of valuable advice and insights in this industry. PNR with This Old Marketing Podcast is CMIs approach to a podcast series, one of great value, if I may add. It is created and hosted by Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose, two of the voices from CMI every marketer needs to hear at least once in a while.

It addresses topics related to content marketing.




4. Entrepreneurs On Fire

EONFIRE podcastJohn Lee Dumas is the founder of Entrepreneurs on Fire, a very popular, respected and awarded podcast. The content is focused on interviewing successful entrepreneurs, learning about how they created success and providing insightful information on how you can do the same. For me, this is one of the best business podcasts that exist.

While this particular entrepreneur podcast does not interview marketers, the content is relevant to any marketer because successful entrepreneurs can teach other valuable life and business lessons that can be applied in their marketing journey immediately. Listening to business podcasts can also be a good choice for you.

“What makes Entrepreneurs on Fire different is I view each podcast episode not as an interview, but as a masterclass. My guests are the tops in their areas of expertise, and they share their knowledge in full. People should subscribe if they want to learn the process to achieve lifestyle, location, and financial freedom.” said John Lee Dumas.




5. CoSchedule’s “Actionable Marketing Podcast”

CoSchedule Actionable Marketing PodcastWhen it comes to digital marketing, CoSchedule is a well known and popular name/brand. They offer a great range of professional tools for marketers and a lot more. And, when I said “a lot more” I was referring to all the free and useful content they share with the world. I choose them because their usual podcasts include a lot of guests, some of the most respected marketers and people working in similar fields. They all have something interesting to say. And, there’s a lot to learn from each one of them as well.

It addresses topics related to content marketing, social media, marketing and business.

Here are the 2 reasons why Ben Sailer is recommending the CoSchedule podcast:

“The Actionable Marketing Podcast digs deep into how real marketers are tackling actual problems. The advice our guests share comes from lessons they’ve learned the hard way so listeners don’t have to.”

“The Actionable Marketing Podcast doesn’t deal in theory and hypotheticals. Each week, it consistently delivers unique value based on real insights from real marketers doing the work in the trenches.”




6. Sure Oak Podcast

Another respected name in the marketing industry, Sure Oak, is a professional agency that helps their clients improve their SEO strategy and their content, from an SEO perspective. They also provide helpful and valuable content to everyone that wants to learn more about this industry via blog posts and a podcast series which carries the name of the brand. Why choose them for your marketing podcast list? Choose them because if you really want to stay up to date with the marketing phenomenon, you need valuable advice from great professionals from this field. And, Sure Oak gives you exactly that.

Our podcast puts a heavy focus on getting actionable items from the marketing experts we interview. At the end of every podcast, we want the listener to have new knowledge that they can put into practice as soon as possible.

People who subscribe will not only hear from big-picture thinkers, but they will also get consistently upgraded ‘best practices’ information from some of the best experts in their particular field of marketing. And I think we all can agree on how important such information is considering how fast the marketing world changes. ” said Bryan Reynolds.




7. Andrew Warner & Team from Mixergy

Mixergy is one of my favorites websites when it comes to relevant knowledge for a marketer. Their offer includes a lot of interesting courses, video + audio collections of actionable tips and advice and a series of 9 interviews with leading experts. I choose to include Mixergy on this list mainly for these interviews which I more than sure will please most of you.

You can take a look and listen to Jessica Livingston from YCombinator, Jimmy Wales from Wikipedia, Gary Vaynerchuck from VaynerMedia and many others.




8. Exposure Ninja – Digital Marketing Podcast

Exposure Ninja PodcastExposure Ninja is yet another digital marketing agency that decided to share some of their knowledge with the rest of the community. Their podcast is once again one of my favorites and I would recommend it to anyone has something to do with marketing, from entrepreneurs to bloggers and of course, professional marketers.

I like their episodes because they focus mostly on actionable tips and How TOs you can immediately apply in your own strategy.




9. The Science of Social Media by Buffer

The Science of Social Media By Buffer podcastIf you are interested in social media marketing and I am sure you are, since no marketing strategy can ignore the social part of the digital world, then this podcast is something to subscribe immediately. Buffer’s “The Science of Social Media” is one of the most interesting social media marketing podcasts I came across recently, one that is constantly updated.

Moreover, Buffer is a well-known name in digital marketing, and especially social media marketing, with millions of clients and fans. The podcast has over 30,000 weekly listeners and features tips, How TOs and crash course that I am more than sure, you will find interesting.

So I asked Kevan Lee, why you should subscribe to The Science of Social Media Podcast.

What makes your podcast different in the marketing industry?

“We provide short-form, actionable advice for improving your social media strategy. Every episode is 15-20 minutes, and we talk about the specifics of implementing new strategies and ideas.

We want to help you succeed on social media, and we think that the best way to do that is to dive right in, share what we know, and let you go for it!”

Why should people subscribe to your podcast?

“We’ll give you actionable takeaways every week and food for thought on ways to improve your social media strategy. We’re consistent, personable, and relevant, and we do our best to explain the social media news and tactics that are happening now.

And we love hearing from subscribers, too! Many episodes come from subscriber questions or feedback.”




10. The Digital Marketer Podcast

Digital Marketer PodcastDigital Marketer is yet another great source of learning resources for marketers and people who want to learn more about this industry.  From on-demand workshops to certification master classes, they have it all, including a rich in content blog.

Their podcasts could also be valuable assets to your list of learning resources on marketing. In fact, they have two: Perpetual Traffic and The Digital Marketer Podcast. They are both weekly podcasts.

The first one is hosted by Ralph Burns and Molly Pittman, the second one is hosted by Garrett Holmes and Jenna Snavely.




11. Everyone Hates Marketers

Everyone Hates Marketers podcastThis podcast focuses on specific marketing tips and strategies and, as you will find out if you try it, it comes with an original take on the industry. The premise is easy to guess as they assume right from the start that “everybody hates marketers”. And up to a point, they’re right. People don’t dislike marketers per se but most of them dislike the aggressive approach some of the marketers have.

Therefore, I listen to this marketing podcast to learn something new and useful with every new episode and to listen to a series of professional marketers and entrepreneurs who have a lot to say on this subject matter.

Whether or not it’s the best marketing podcast, it’s up to you to decide.

I publish a new episode every Tuesday where I interview a guest. Everyone Hates Marketers is:

  • Super actionable: most marketing podcasts cover concepts in very generic terms without ever drilling down to the details. I do.
  • Honest: marketing is about helping people solve their most painful challenges; it’s not about tricking them or lying to them so you can reach your Q4 targets.
  • Evergreen: we focus on things that will never change in marketing such as customer research, strategy, market orientation, positioning… We don’t obsess flavour-of-the-month marketing, VR/AR, the latest news from Google, etc.” said Louis Grenier.

Here’s a list of our most popular episodes so far:




12. Marketing Over Coffee

Marketing over Coffee podcastMarketing Over Coffee is a podcast focused on marketing which covers both, traditional and digital marketing topics and strategies. It’s hosted by John J. Wall and Christopher S. Penn which collaborate in order to deliver a full marketing experience to everyone that wants to stay informed on such topics.

There is a new episode recorded every week and posted online every Tuesday.

The podcast covers a large range of topics, including old school offline marketing campaigns and digital trends and strategies such as email marketing, social media marketing or SEO.




13. Marketing School Podcast

Marketing School podcastMarketing School is a great starter if you are not used to listening podcasts or, if you want to start learning about digital marketing.

Of course, it’s also great for professionals from the industry who need to find new things about what they are doing on a daily basis.

This free podcast is created and delivered by Neil Patel and Eric Siu, two of the most influential voices in today’s online environment. It has over 300 episodes posted online already, a valuable source of information with actionable tips which I am more than sure you’ll enjoy.




14. How do You Know? by Andra Zaharia

How do you know podcastAnother great addition to this list is Andra Zaharia’s podcast, “How do you know?”. Every new episode comes with a new guest, people whose expertise may help you not only professionally but also from a personal perspective. And this happens because the podcast focuses on perseverance, resilience and wisdom.

A lot of episodes are already available, some of them featuring characters every marketer should listen to. Moreover, once every three weeks, Andra published a new episode.

So I asked Andra the same questions I asked Kevan (Buffer):

What makes your podcast different in the marketing industry?

“Although my podcast is not about marketing per se, I do think it can be useful to marketers. First, because I happen to have a lot of marketers as guests. Their well-rounded experience, increased self-awareness, and growth mindset are key ingredients for better decision-making, so we certainly have a lot to learn from them. Second, because marketing is fundamentally dependent on human psychology, which is something we often discuss on the show.

From mental models, to mental tools such as reframing or reflection, we cover a lot of ground. All the stories, examples, and recommendations are personal, originating in hard-earned experience.”

Why should people subscribe to your podcast?

“One way I try to make the podcast different is by challenging guests to reveal their process. I’m more interested in finding out how they think, how they built their mental habits, and why they made life-changing decisions. In my view, this is a fundamental layer for performance, no matter your profession or field of expertise.

Listening to the episodes is an opportunity to discover things marketers rarely talk about and to pick up ideas, mental models, and great questions to ask ourselves and others. I really believe this process makes us not just better marketers, but better humans too.”




15. Akimbo Podcast by Seth Godin

Akimbo Podcast by Seth GodinEver since he published the book “This is Marketing”, Seth Godin has become a popular and respected figure among digital marketers. While the book has become a bestseller, Seth got involved in many other activities as he created a series of workshops and courses that might also be of interest for marketers all around the world.

This is not it, as Seth Godin published a regular marketing podcast series which I always found not only inspirational but also very valuable. As the author himself said, the podcast is about culture and covers many aspects of life without stepping out of the marketing path.

All in all, Akimbo is something to put on your own playlist.




16. Geekout Podcast with Matt Navara

The Geekout Podcast with Matt NavarraWe’ve reached the end of this journey but not before giving you another great audio resource on marketing. Geekout with Matt Navara is a social media marketing podcast created and published by Matt Navara and Martin SFP Bryant.

During these series, the two will explore the universe of social media, they plan to invite important guests to share their own experiences and of course, discuss the latest news in the industry.

I used the future because the podcast is new on the market but nevertheless, it’s something to keep a close eye on in the following months.

What makes this podcast different in the marketing industry?

“Geekout with Matt Navarra is a truly authentic show made by social media geeks, for social media geeks. It aims to bring in the biggest names in the industry to ask the both the important questions we all want to ask, as well as having fun and a bit silly with the power players in social media.”

Why should people subscribe to your podcast?

“Geekout with Matt Navarra is unlike any other social media-related podcast out there. An easy-to-listen to 45 min show which you will finish feeling educated, amused, and entertained… As well as feeling like you’re not the only geek out there!”





Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular these days and this is quite normal, considering that time is limited. Also, everyone carries with them a smartphone or an audio player, wherever they go, devices that give instant access to content, especially in audio format.

As a digital marketer, you want to and need to stay constantly up to date with everything that happens in this industry, learn as much as you can from other leading experts and put their advice into action.

This article provided you with 16 of the most popular marketing podcasts of today, shows you can subscribe to immediately. They are all both informational and inspirational audio resources for every marketer that values his or her profession.

What other podcasts on digital marketing are you currently listening to?

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