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Healthy Rebranding Comes From the Inside Out

Visual Marketing
Visual Marketing

Do you choose your clothes based on how they make you look or by your attitude?

I will come back to this question later. Now, I want to explain a little where this clothes idea comes from and what does it have to do with a “visual marketing and content strategy” blog.

Clothes for a man are like design for a brand. They’re the first thing you notice.

We’ll start from clothes and then proceed to discuss rebranding, branding and change.

Amateur ideas about clothes

  1. The first things we notice at someone are his clothes. Right? Right.
  2. We sometimes buy clothes because they’re at a discount (from a financial point of view) or because we need them (from a necessity point of view) Right? Right.
  3. There are seasons when we have to buy new clothes. Right? Right.
  4. There are seasons when we have to give up on some old clothes in exchange for new ones. That’s the right thing to do.
  5. We should choose our clothes by our attitude, and not by how they make us look. Right?

I want to shift the subject a little. To get where I was planning. Rebranding from the inside out.

Now let’s change a few words and answer the above questions.

  1. Design/Packaging is the first thing we notice at a product.
  2. In many cases, the design (and when I say design I mean logo/identity/packaging and everything else that means design for a product) is chosen out of two perspectives: Financial and necessity. Usually these two complete each other, but often times the result is just not that good. A rendered brand asks for a special design and the branding…well, when it comes to branding we’re already talking about the presence of some specialist advisors.
  3. There are seasons in a brand’s life when it needs to choose a new design and give up the old design once and for all. These seasons are sometimes dictated by the pulse of life. A life made out of competitors and consumers. If the market asks for it, offer it!
  4. Design must be chosen according to “a brand’s attitude” or according to “a brand’s DNA”
    Not by looks, but by DNA.

Just because you’re changing your package design, your logo or your web interface, it does not mean you’re completely changed. Redesigning must not come from the outside to the inside, but from the inside out.

Firstly, a rebranding should start from the CEO’s office to the department managers and to the employee’s motivation.

Then, all this rebranding should be reflected in the brand’s promise/ in the services it offers and in the end in the obvious but less important part – design.

It’s the same as with your clothes. It’s useless trying to present yourself as a gentleman if your attitude is vulgar. Your vulgar attitude will ruin your classy appearance. Change your attitude before changing your fashion style. Change on the inside, before changing on the outside.

For a healthy rebranding it all comes from the inside out.

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