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Interview With Robert Murray, Speaker at BrandMinds


You already know that I love experimenting, especially on this blog. So, this is why I will have a series of a few interviews with the speakers coming at the BrandMinds conference that will take place on the 22nd of May in Bucharest, Romania.

In today’s interview I’m having a chat with Robert Murray who is an award-winning marketing and customer advocate. He has more than 25 years of experience in marketing, sales and customer service. He has also worked in senior executive positions in organizations like the Fortune 500 company – Vodafone, where he was the Chief Customer Operations Officer.

His presentation will be about a really interesting topic for the ones interested in branding and business. “You, Yourself and Your Brand Business strategy and leadership”

Could you tell us briefly about your background?

While classically trained in Marketing, I have spent a lifetime as a ‘Turn Around’ executive in various organizations around the world.

Locally in Romania, I have been with Vodafone as an executive and worked with a number of other companies including Deloitte, Heineken, Raiffeissen, Astra Zeneca, ExpoMedia, and many others. I’ve written three books (one being a best seller on Amazon) on what I call “Heart Based Leadership.”

As well leading turn around projects and speaking to audiences all over the world, I coach 12 different CEO’s on their own challenges in business and the Brand as a Leader.

How important is the personal brand for a marketer?

A personal brand is what sets not only marketers, but all leaders apart in a crowded and crazy world.

Your personal brand is the number one thing that will get you a project, a job or recognized for your skills in a world where there are literally thousands upon thousands of people with the same education, credentials and skill sets.

Which do you think are the most important aspects when it comes to defining a personal brand?

Your brand is built upon your character, your attitude, your resilience in the face of adversity, your strengths and your ability to connect emotionally with others.

All are choices that you get to make and have nothing to do with skills.

Your brand is built upon your character

What is the biggest mistake companies make when they develop their business strategy?

Love this question! I am passionate about building great cultures and simple strategies. The single biggest mistake I see virtually everyday in businesses on every corner of the globe are leaders that don’t take culture seriously and think that the way to success is complex strategies that no one understands.

Peter Drucker once said two very significant things… First is that; “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” The second was; “Strategy is useless unless it immediately degenerates into execution.” Dysfunctional, toxic and schizophrenic cultures cannot execute on strategy. And, you cannot have more than three strategic initiatives – leaders that develop a 12-point strategic plan always fail. I have built strategy for over 200 organizations from Fortune 50 to small 10 person businesses.

Those that are successful have values aligned cultures and simple strategies.

Could you recommend two or more resources (books, blogs, websites) about leadership for marketers that read my blog?

Other than my own weekly blog on my website, I am an avid reader of, I am avid reader of anything posted by Seth Godin as well as his books, Simon Sinek. Patrick Lencioni and books like “Blue Ocean Strategy,” “Sacred Cows Make the Best Burgers” and more recently, “The Boys in the Boat.”

Which project will always be your favourite and why?

My time at Connex and Vodafone in Romania turning around Sales and then Customer Service. Great culture. Great team. Simple strategy. Great brand in Romania.

We were able to erase a 4% point deficit in market share with our major competitor and turn it into a 14% point advantage in Sales and become Vodafone’s number one customer service organization amongst their 61 country network.

Please give a shout-out to the people who will come to Brandminds 2017 and tell them why they should participate?

I really hope to see anyone that considers themselves a leader in business (of any function).

Defining and building your own personal brand is the number one thing you need in order to take your career to the next level.

Brandminds 2017 will give you ideas and focus on you, your brand and the brand of your business.

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