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How to Schedule and Organize Your Instagram Posts and Activity, Professionally with Apphi

Social Media
Social Media

Social media marketers and influencers depend on a great time management which implied a consistent strategy for distributing content, scheduling the distribution and managing the interactions on social media channels and blogs.

For all these professionals and to some extent, for regular users as well, Instagram may seem limited in options when you want to really manage what you post and how you do it. And, I am sure that most of you have already searched different social media tools that would allow you to do everything from your mobile device or even from desktop computers.

Some of you may have already found a solution, some are still searching for the perfect one.

Fortunately, I have a quick answer to your questions that will put an end to your search. The answer carries a name, Apphi and it’s a digital web-based app that will really make your days better.

What is Apphi and how to access it?

Apphi appIf you access your Instagram account from the dedicated app, you can view your posts, interact with other users and browse your timeline. You can shoot photos, add filters and captions as well but there are limited options for scheduling whatsoever.

Robert Katai Instagram

This is where Apphi comes into place, and fills the gap that I myself and a lot of my peers had to deal with and accept since the social media platform was launched.

Getting to the app is easy. You can install it directly from the AppStore or from the Google Play repositories. There’s also a desktop version available which you can access by simply typing in https://apphi.com and loading the page.

The next step is to register for a free account and this step you will find extremely easy as you only have to give your email and choose a password in order to get in.

You will have to link the Instagram account and voila, you’re there.

apphi app

In fact, this will not be the only easiest step you’ll get to make.

Even now, when I have already used the app for a while, I find it hard to believe how easy it is to work with and how incredibly well everything works every time I use it.

The features and the learning curve

You don’t need a lot of features when you work with Instagram but certain apps seem to lack in the very basic ones.

This will not happen with Apphi.

The app started as a mere Instagram auto-post app but it evolved into a real social media manager that supports beside Instagram, Facebook Pages and Twitter.

You get instant access to analytics as well and improve your campaigns as you go, based on what you learn about the consumers you address your messages to.


1. Schedule & Autopost


One of the best features that makes the app a perfect choice for any marketer, is the option to schedule posts.

Time management and content management are essential if you want to create efficient marketing campaigns and Apphi will not disappoint you in this area.

The app allows you to upload images from your mobile device or computer and schedule your posts right away. As for the learning curve, there isn’t any. You can start working immediately without any fuss.

You can just sit back, relax and analyze analytics as your posts go live. Of course, you can schedule posts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter at the same time and expand your campaigns across multiple channels.

You can even use the app for scheduling Instagram Stories and IGTV videos as well. Not to mention that you can manage up to 100 Instagram accounts at the same time. And yes, Apphi is good for agencies as well or for marketers who work with a lot of clients.


2. Drag & Drop Preview


A nice addition to Apphi, the drag and drop preview allows you to easily upload your locally stored images and take a quick look at how would they appear as Instagram posts. Also, once you are satisfied with the preview, you can schedule your posts.

drag and drop with apphi copy

You can upload as many images as you want of course and afterwards, select from the gallery the ones that you want to publish and the order your want them to be published in.


3. Saved captions and hashtags


Another interesting feature available within Apphi, is the possibility to save your own captions and hashtags.

save caption apphi

This can prove to be quite helpful as you won’t need to type and retype the same words over and over again.

If you post regularly and on multiple accounts, you’ll understand what I mean.


A. Repeat schedule


With Apphi, you can repost again and again and distribute your content once every 12 hours, once a week or even monthly.

If you need to increase your exposure, then you will find this option more than helpful as it will make your workflow much easier than before.


1. Premium membership and settings


You can try Apphi for free but if you want full and unlimited access to all its features, you need to register for a premium membership. Is it worth it? Well, if you ask me, I’d rather say yes.

While the free edition gets you as much as 10 autoposts per month, the basic premium membership will eliminate this restriction and add another option, to post and schedule on multiple social media accounts.

The full membership, on the other hand, will add even more features to your already rich app such as bulk schedule, delete schedule, story stickers, tag products, IGTV, default captioning capabilities, default people tagging capabilities and many more.


What about the settings? What can you do?

Well, the last section of the sidebar will bring up a bunch of settings which you can adjust in order to adapt Apphi to your workload, your working style and most of all, your needs.

Here, you can set your default posting times – which are very important if you want to target a specific time-zone. For premium users, there are also available other features such as the default captioning for comments.

The search and reposts setting is also available in this menu and you can also select whether or not to receive notifications and alerts from within the app.


During the past few years, I’ve had my share of apps and tools for Instagram schedule and managements. Until recently, I always felt most of them lack in some of the most basic features I needed as a marketer.

Now, after I decided to give it a try, I choose Apphi and I must say, after a couple of weeks, I am more than happy with the choice. For those of you who wonder about its mobile availability I will conclude by answering that yes, Apphi is available on mobiles as well.

However, I decided to review it’s desktop applications since this is a platform that is not covered by the official Instagram app and nevertheless, the environment that I as a marketer do most of my work on a daily basis.

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