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Why should you introduce Snapchat in your Visual Marketing Strategy?

Social Media
Social Media

I’m a big believer in the fact that everything is related to visual marketing, even if we are talking about big visuals such as infographics, slideshare presentations or social media visual channels like Instagram or Pinterest.

But lately, my attention has been focused on Snapchat.

This little white ghost that I have downloaded into my iPhone several weeks ago is making me tap it every day and take a snap of my world. Even if I don’t have as many followers as the big guys, I’m using it because I’m curious why is this so important now and how the marketers should start ruining it.

So I asked myself this question: why should marketers consider Snapchat in their visual marketing strategy?

Then I started googling it and went to the official website of Snapchat.

And I found some interesting facts about Snapchat:

  1. More than 5 Billion (with a B) videos viewed every day.
  2. More than 100 Million daily snapchatters.

Snapchat 100 million daily users

You have everything you want on Snapchat: from reading and watching the news (Discover) to private talks with your friends and telling your stories.

Then I got to the Advertising section and scrolled down their page.

So I played the video about the 3V and listened to Evan Spiegel talk about advertising on Snapchat. What about 3V? What is 3V? I got a little nervous and skipped some parts of his video. Then I became interested: 3V comes from Vertical / Video / Views.

“Interesting” I told myself. But then I replayed the video to watch the entire presentation.

Then I stuck to the next term “Real TV in pocket” and I was like “WOOOW”. Exactly! Snapchat is the new TV but now in my own pocket. It’s more than a TV. It’s a real-life edition from my friends / the brands I follow and the celebrities I like.

Snapchat is not about delivering hiqh-quality content – it’s about delivering transparent content, human content with a personal touch.

This is the quality content you can deliver on Snapchat – a transparent one, playing with the visual tools they have and make room for creativity.

What is quality content? The one that is created especially for your audience in the right context.

1. Context

Like my friend Oana told me “On Snapchat you will upload the photo that didn’t make it on Facebook or Instagram”. I totally agree with her!

Now let’s get back to my question: Why should marketers consider Snapchat for their visual marketing strategy?

First, let’s talk about the context.

Who is using Snapchat? Some will answer  “The millennials” and they’re right. But the stupid marketers just can’t see why  millennials are so important to their brands, so they ignore them and go back to the traditional marketing tactics.


Let me explain why you shouldn’t ignore the millennials: they will be tomorrows customers.

Because they will grow up with this social network in their pocket and they will go to work, earning their money and buy brands. So tomorrow will be much more harder than today!

This is why I agree with Gary Vaynerchuk – work hard today on Snapchat so tomorrow you can earn the attention of your community / customers easier.

[Tweet “The millennials are the new generation of buyers. “]

2. Attention

The attention is the second point I wanted to get to.

“…a consumer to get excited about something, to be compelled by something, it comes down to attention.

Todays “Attention” is much more important than any other metrics you use to measure your social network audience. Don’t get me wrong, I agree with the statistics and data you can take out from your social media insights. But let’s get deeper into the attention part. Where is your audience’s attention? Where does your audience spend more time? Where do they engage more and tell more stories about their world?

I found out that the snapchatters pay really high attention on this platform.

Why I’m saying this? Because I started using it everyday and look into my story at how many people are watching it. You want numbers?  95% of my followers are watching my daily stories. Well, here are the facts.

You don’t believe me? Just try it for 3 months and you will see why I’m talking about this app.

So my friend, here are the 2 reasons why Snapchat should be in your visual marketing strategy: context (audience) and the attention.


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