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The First Thing You Need To Start Creating a Brand


What’s the first thing you need in order to create a brand?

There are a lot of ideas, books and articles in which people are pointing out what you need in order to create a brand.

Some of them are talking about the product behind the brand – this is true.

Others are talking about the visual idea of the brand, such as logo, identity and others – and this is true as well.

Others are talking about money – which is also true.

But there is one thing that popped into my head a few days ago when I thought about the first thing you need to have when you want to create a brand.

A question.

Your question. Your friends’ question. Your family’s question. Your colleagues’ question.

The market’s question. The culture’s question.

That means that you need to listen to what people around you are talking about. What are their main concerns? What they want to have faster? What they want to do better? What results they want to achieve?

They won’t tell you how they want it. They won’t tell you what they need, when they need and from whom they need it.

And here comes your part. The one who listened to all these questions and chose to go on a journey to find their answers.

An answer to a question that will unlock some solutions. An answer that will also unlock other questions.

But you’re on a journey and this is all that matters now.

Your journey is the process to create a viable answer.

And when I say “viable” I mean an answer people can see, people can relate to it, people can have.

An answer that will find the solution for the market. An answer that will solve not all problems, but it can be a good start for something people are looking for.

But the best answer really comes to life only when you actually start executing on that answer and begin creating something out of it.

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