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2 Easy Tactics to get Quality Backlinks with Visual Content

Visual Marketing
Visual Marketing

Let’s say that you don’t have enough time to get the quality backlinks you want. So, what should you do? In fact, there are many tactics that can boost your website to get tons of backlinks but there is one topic I want to talk to you about: using visual content to get quality backlinks.

But first of all, let’s disqus the importance of backlinks.

According to a study launched by Moz, 99,2% of all top 50 results had at least one external link pointing to the website and 77,8% of top results had at least one external link pointing to the page. This means that links can help your website get a higher rank in Google.

And like Rand says, the best strategy to link building is link earning.

If your website is like a fire then the links should be the wood. If you add more and more woord to the fire, the fire will grow bigger and stronger.

So, how can you get these high quality backlinks with your visual content?

In the following article I will wrap up a few ideas and strategies that can help you with your backlinks request.

1. Infographics

I know that you’ve heard a lot of info about infographics lately, but you shouldn’t ignore them. I’m a living example on how infographics can help you get the quality backlinks you want.

For example I designed an infographic at the end of 2016 in which I put together all the important things that happened on Instagram in 2016.

First I’ve done my research and tried to be as accurate I could. Why? Because I didn’t want to use false information on my design. So I got to the channels that Instagram communicates their information. I used their blogs and also their social media channels as Twitter or Facebook.

So, after I gathered all the important information I designed a wireframe and tried putting together all elements.

After I finished it (let’s not forget that I’m not a professional designer, it’s only a matter of hobbies and tools like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or Coreldraw)

I published it and used an embed code at the bottom of the infographic so people could  easily upload it on their own blog (in this way I help them  create another type of content for their blog without loading their website but which at the same time is getting me the right backlinks I want).

After I published the infographic I’ve done 2 important things that every marketer should do after launching their infographic:

Submit the infographic on websites like:

Uploaded it on social media like:

After I’ve done this I started reaching out for all the online publishers that I thought could use my infographic.

So how did I do that? Using social media! I went to every top online media publisher and I sent them a private message on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Some of them replied back and some of them told me to pitch the idea using an email.

After a few days of hustling I’ve started reaching out backlinks from top publishers like Social Media Today, AdWeek Socialtimes and other blogs.

So here is my short testimonial on how a visual content like an infographic, can help you get the quality backlinks you want for your website.

2. Video Marketing

There are a few marketers who are doing a great job with their content marketing creation, distribution and promotion.

One of the guys I admire a lot is Rand Fishkin from Moz. His weekly Whiteboard Friday has everything you want from a blog post from a visual marketing perspective.

So let’s talk about Rand’s work and see what we can learn from it.

First of all, let’s look at it and observe all the important visual content it has:

1. A Branded Featured Image that is recognized on Moz’s blog

Because Moz’s blog has been redesigned, they are now using a type of branded featured image to be easily recognized on their blog.

If you click on the Whiteboard Friday category you will see that the background has the same cliparts only with different colors and different primary visuals.

In this way you can easily see when a Whiteboard Friday Video is about SEO, Content, Customers and other topics that Rand is talking about

2. Video Content uploaded with Wistia

He is uploading the content on his blog using Wistia. I don’t know why is he doing this. Maybe because he wants to be 100% in control of his content or maybe he thinks that this is a better choice than YouTube or Facebook.

But if you go on Moz’s YouTube channel you will see that they have already uploaded a few of his videos

3. Branded Featured Image for his videos


If you follow Rand or even Moz on Twitter you will see that they are using this featured image where Rand is playing with objects that describe very easy and sometimes in a very humorous way what the topic is about.

Sometimes you will see Rand with a funny hat or with an interesting object or tool in his hand.

4. The Image that represents that whiteboard Rand is designing on

The whiteboard is one of the core elements of this type of video, because you can’t have a Whiteboard Friday without the whiteboard and the colored markers.

But if you want to see that Whiteboard Friday in a bigger size you can easily click on the image he uploaded in the blog post.

He even asks his readers to click on the whiteboard image to open a high-resolution version in a new tab. This is for the ones who want to get deeper into the subject of the video.

5. Small pieces from that visual that is categorized in the article


Snack content is something you can use with your visual content. And this is exactly what Rand is doing in his article. He is categorizing the article using these snipped visuals from the whiteboard.

He knows when to upload the visual, what kind of visual to upload and also how to stay true to the co-brand that he created for Moz’s content strategy.

Yes, we can say that Whiteboard Friday is Moz’s co-brand. I’m wondering what would happen if we bought the whiteboardfriday.com domain?:)


With these constant videos he is uploading weekly he gets a lot of backlinks from other websites not only because of the video but mostly because of the valuable information he is sharing with the Moz community and not only.

Let’s look at how many backlinks his article received with the help of Buzzsumo.:

Quite impressive right? But what kind of websites and blogs link to this blog post? Entrepreneur, Buffer, Jeff Bullas and other websites that are ranking high in Google.

And these articles get thousands of social media shares.

So big kudos to Rand for what  he’s doing!

What I really want you to get from this blogpost is not how great Rand is but how you can be too. The secret stays in being smart and constant in what you do.


Creating video content just for the sake of the trend will not give you the same results as the top leaders of the industry. Behind all the results it’s a lot of work that we can’t see because they are doing it for such a long time.

Now back to you, let me know in the comment section below which one of these tactics you’ve tried  and how many backlinks you got as an outcome.

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