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The 3 Skills a Social Media Marketer Should Have in 2019

Social Media
Social Media

What’s a social media marketer today?

The one who is in charge with your Facebook business account? The one who manages all the ads on Facebook? The one who is creating Instagram Stories? The one who is doing a weekly Twitter chat?

There are a lot of question about the role of a social media marketer in a company because the today’s social media industry is way more different than was years ago.

And sometimes it’s getting a little frustrating for the CEO’s or even the social media manager because if they don’t understand their frustration, their role in the company and what’s the best thing they can do for their brand on social media, they won’t see the ROI that they are expecting.

I was listening to a podcast series about how HubSpot is organizing their social media presence. But when we talk about a brand like HubSpot I believe that we should start listening on how they are doing.

So the interesting fact is that they have only 2 social media managers with a social media team leader. There is a person who is in charge with Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin and there is a more visually oriented person who is in charge with Instagram and Snapchat. I’m not saying that this is the best way to have a successful social media department, it’s only an example to show you how others are doing. And it seems that it’s going well.

But I want you to look at this more deep and see what’s the thing that notice you the difference.

They have 2 persons that are oriented on a social media platforms that suites them best. That is the first person who is more oriented on the business way, or maybe on a more bigger platform where they are engaging on a different level than they are engaging on Instagram and Snapchat, where is another person.

What does that mean?

That they are using the best person for the best platform where they make magic!

And this is a great strategy that you can use whenever you want to hire a social media marketer for your company.

Some may say that they should also know how to create branded content, how to upload a video

Others will say that they should be half art oriented and half science oriented. Or that they are persons who believe that a social media marketer should only manage, they don’t have to create content, talk with the customer or create strategies that drive the results they want.

But what about 2019?

What are the roles that a social media manager will have for it’s company? Or if I should be more precisely:

What are the skills that a social media marketer should have in 2019?

I will talk to you about why it’s important to watch widely in the industry but execute deep and I will also share with you the importance of speed and customer oriented skills. I don’t want to talk about the apps a social media marketer should use every day or why social media it’s important today.

Because I believe that today’s social media is more than just a simple role that somebody has to take.

1. Execute Deep. Watch Wide

I really don’t know if this is a skill, but I believe that it’s something that every social media manager should have.

There are hundred of apps and social media platforms out there: from Facebook, Twiter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Google Plus, Pinterest, Linkedin, SlideShare to Yik Yak, Tiner or Hy.Pe (the new platform from the founders of Vine).

And the fact is that every one of these networks want to get more and more users, brands and also they are developing platforms where a brand can invest money in advertising to get more of it.

The more you try to be on every social media network the more you don’t get noticed.

This is why I believe that in 2017 every social media marketer should have a deeper execution skill.

That means that if they the brands’ audience is on Instagram, they should execute more on Instagram. Try the new Stories, find the influencers, look up on hashtags, create content for their audience on that platform.

But, at the same time, they should have an eagle eye on what happens on other platforms.

They can watch what happens on a platform that is now in trend. They could see how big is getting from day to day. What’s the new trend today.

Think about this: it’s not a problem that you didn’t go 100% all in Snapchat if you already used Instagram. Why? Because now you have your own Snapchat style on Instagram with Stories and you can execute over there. But you also had your eye on the yellow ghost where you look at what the influencers are doing, what other brands are doing and learn from others, sometimes mistakes and sometimes victory.

I believe that a social media manager should execute deep but also watch wide.

2. Speed

Well, my friends, if you want to execute deep it also matters how you execute and when.

Everything is moving so fast today and there are tremendous moments when a brand can take advantage of a moment and bring the lights on it.

Think about what Oreo has done at the Super Bowl with their simple tweet “Dunk into the darkness”. It was a fast move and they got all the applause, likes and RTs they deserve.

A social media marketer should think fast, execute fast and also respond fast.

People are using social media because they want to find fast their answer. They don’t want to call a brand to hear when it’s a new promotional campaign, or when they are open Saturday and Sunday. They will go on Facebook and message them, and they want a quick answer.

This is why Facebook has done a great job by inserting a new feature on the Facebook Page, the response time when the customer can see how long it takes to receive and answer.

Speed in reaction. Speed in content. Speed in analyzing the industry. Speed in taking advantage of the moment.

Speed is a skill that the today social media marketer should have it for 2019.

3. Customer Oriented

I don’t know how do you feel about customer in social media, but I believe that everything a brand is doing should be customer oriented.

I don’t care that your video was seen only by 50 people, 20 reacted and only 5 commented at a 10k Facebook Page like. You do it for the customer, you do it for them and their beloved ones.

Think about this: if you are a brand that is customer oriented, you have a good start for what you do on social media. Why? Because you will engage easier with them.

Every time a customer is sending you a tweet, is tagging you in a photo, is commenting on a Facebook video or sharing your Youtube video, is interested about you and that means that you should be interested in his needs and desires.

When they send you a private message, you should respond immediately. Why? Because they will see that you care about them.

And when a social media manager is customer oriented, that means that he understands the power of a community and knows how to create content that engage with their fans.

Also, a customer oriented person is the one who is using social media to help these customers. A customer oriented social media manager will care about every single person who will tweet to the brand or send a snapchat story with them.

The customer oriented social media manager will care about every single person

Now do you see how important is to watch widely on social media but also execute deep?


Don’t forget about these skills: execute deep, watch wide, do it fast but customer oriented.

Because these will be the details that will make your brand stand out in the community and drive the results you want!

Now back to you: what are the skills do you believe that a social media marketer should have in 2017 and why?

Let me know in comments.

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