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3 Major Things That Can Ruin Your Perfect Marketing Campaign


Everything is about marketing.

Go out in the street and look around you. Every sign you see, every car you see, every dressed up person you see, they are all part of the “everything is all about marketing” theory.

People choose certain clothes because a marketer has done his job. People buy a certain car because there was a marketer who has done his job. People use smartphones every day because there was a marketer (and a programmer) who did his job.

We all own the things that we own because we chose to buy something we found appealing because of the marketing efforts behind those things.

Even though I’m a marketer, and I’m very proud of it, I don’t believe that marketing is everything or that marketing can solve any problem or cover other stinky things that we don’t want to see, or have, or even buy.

There are 3 major things that good marketing can’t make up for.

 1. Shitty Product


Even if you have the best marketing in the world, unlimited budget and the best minds in the team, if you have a crappy product, that’s how as far as your marketing goes.

Guy Kawasaki, said that:

putting lipstick on a pig still yields a pig.

And this is the main problem a lot of entrepreneurs and marketers have. If their product is bad and their marketing is good, and they don’t get the results they want, they still believe that the only thing they need to change is the marketing strategy.

And they will keep on delivering the worst product you can imagine, combining every marketing strategy in the world but nothing good will come out of it.

The best marketing in the world won’t save your shit product.


 2. Weak Customer Service

How important is customer service for your product? How many times have you spoken to your customers? How many times have you listened to your customer? What’s your customer’s journey with your product?

There are hundreds and thousands of questions about customer service for a product.

And even if you have the best marketing in the world and you made the user click on your banner ad making him come on your website, or enter your shop, but the customer service is bad, you can’t win in this game.

In his latest book “Hug Your Haters”, Jay Baer shares a few interesting facts about the importance of customer service:

“Just 32 percent of social media complainers are happy with how fast businesses respond in that channel. this is despite the fact that 63 percent of social media complaints are addressed within 24 hours. That’s not fast enough.”

Here is another reason for you to use social media. But you have to use it smarter, not faster or harder. Be smarter than before!

If you have a bad customer service and a good marketing campaign, you’re going to have some serious problems.

So, before you hit the “GO” button to your marketing campaign, look a little bit inside your company and see how the customer service is working.


 3. Dumb User Experience (UX)

User Experience

If you want to talk about the user experience on a website or in a shop, you should buy a user experience designer a coffee and “borrow” him for a day. If they are passionate enough to talk with you about the importance of user experience, you will gain a lot of useful information that you can use for your company. But more than that, you should hire your user experience specialist.

Because today, the experience marketing should be more important than the traditional or digital marketing. Why? Because it’s all about the user and your product: the emotional connection, the first time feeling, the good product handling bad moments and situations and so on.

What is the user’s experience with your product? How does the user feel about it? How does your product help him feel better than before? How did your product solve their problem? And again, the list of question can go on.


Having a good marketing strategy isn’t enough to work your way through your competition and the market.

You need to have a great product, that means that you need to understand what’s your product’s position in your customer life. You need to talk to them and have a great customer service. And don’t forget about the importance of user experience.

Now back to you: which one of these 3 situations do you need to focus on and how are you going to do your job to help your marketing campaign bring more results?

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