Who Should Create the Content in Your organization
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Who Should Create the Content in Your Organization?

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

Let me tell you a short story about content marketing.

There is this guy in your marketing team who is nagging you about content. “You should create more content” or “Let’s do a blog for our company” or “Let’s create a landing page to educate our customers about this topic” but you don’t really understand what’s the real deal with content marketing.

So one day you agree to start your content marketing strategy. This marketing guy is in charge of it. He must come with a plan/strategy that will bring you the revenue you only read about  in the top content marketing blogs. But… that’s a lot of work to do. Not only you need to invest money in designing a WordPress theme (or buying one), you need to subscribe to an email marketing platform and do social media marketing, but you also have to hire a content creator whose only responsibility is to write words. Then you read about SEO, about conversion, about social media marketing, link building, guest posting and the list can continue.

Now I believe that you won’t accept that, right? Too much money invested in something that won’t get you the results you want to see in a few weeks.

But let me ask you some questions:

  1. How much do you know about your industry?
  2. Do you have a sales person?
  3. Do you have a customer service person?
  4. Do you have a marketer in your team?
  5. How much do they work every day?
  6. Does your competition have a blog and send a newsletter to your clients?
  7. Do you want to be better than your competition, give value to your customers and also make more money?

Then start understanding what content marketing is and how you can use it for your company.

You do not have to have a big marketing department to do content marketing.

Even your sales person can do content marketing, your customer service and your HR. Yes, you can all do content marketing. Some experts would even tell you that you all must do content marketing, because if you want your content to resonate with your target audience, then you’ll need to enlist the help of subject matter experts – the people who are living the pain points that your product alleviates.

This is where employee advocacy and collaboration tools can really come in handy.

But tools alone won’t create those content assets for you. Here’s what your various colleagues can do to help with content marketing:


01 Marketing person

Content marketing as a marketing guy

I know that the marketing guy or girl should be in charge with content marketing, but what if I told you that there are other members in your company who can help him?

Think about content marketing as a project and the marketing guy/girl can be the project manager.

What are the first steps he must do?

First of all, he really must understand what he can do with content marketing. This is why I recommend  starting a documented content strategy. That means that everything you want to achieve with content, where to post it, what is the tone of voice, who are the competitors and other things to be documented somewhere. It really doesn’t matter if it’s a pdf, a Google Docs or a paper.

But make sure that he/she is working with you, the business owner. The one who really knows where the business is going.

If the marketer has a sense of understanding the industry, the competition and the trends, that’s a really great win for your company. If not, then help him/her out. You, the business owner should work close with your employees at this step – when you document your content strategy.

This document will help you establish the priorities of your work, who does what and how to measure the results.

If you don’t understand content marketing from the very first, then I recommend you to look at this strategy as a project for the first 6 or 9 months. What? So much time to invest in something I don’t understand? Well… Yes.

Because the best content marketing work takes time, energy and resources.

And when I say resources I mean time, money and human resources. So invest a minimum of 9 months.

What are the responsibilities of the marketing person in the beginning?

  • Must create a documented content strategy
  • Understand the industry
  • Create a buyer persona
  • Write down the purpose of your strategy
  • Find out the main channel to use

02 The customer service

The person who runs the customer service department is a gold mine for your company. Why? Because it’s the one who is in direct contact with the customer, understands their needs and solves the problems. It’s the bridge between the customers and company.

But how can a customer service person help the content marketing side of your business?

Very simple and easy. Think about this situation, every time a customer comes up with a question (almost every time it’s the same question the people are asking) they must give them the right answer. But what if you create a help page on which you can give all the answers to the questions customers are asking?

For example, the customer service can create a top 20 or 50 questions they are answering every month. Then answer and put it down all these answers in a help page or just create a blog where every question is a new post.

You can write down the answers, record a video or create a Slideshare presentation.

Anything that can help your customers’ situation.

For example, at Bannersnack we’ve created a help page on which we answer all the questions people ask us about banner ads, banner advertising, how to design banner ads, animated banner ads or even show them how to use our product and new features.

It’s a great way to help the customers.

So, what are the responsibilities of the customer care department?

  • Talk to the customers and write down the questions they have
  • Create a list of top questions they must answer
  • Observe what other needs your customers have
  • Be the bridge between the customers and the company

03 The salesperson

salesperson content marketing

The salesperson has a lot to do, right? He must contact new prospects. Talk with the customers. Reply all the sales emails and the list can continue. But what if I’m telling you that the salesperson can be involved in your content strategy?

I know that maybe a few of the salespersons out there will hate me, but let me give you a few ideas on how you can use content to drive more sales. And I’m not going very deep and technical on this. It’s a very simple idea.

Let’s say that you, as a salesperson like to talk and you are also a good looking person. People love to go out with you, call you and spend the time with you. In fact, you are a great person. But it’s only you and there are several customers and you can’t divide, right?

This is why I believe that video is a great form of giving value to your selling pitch. Think about this. You just launched a new feature  and you want to present it to several of your top clients. You can organize a dinner where you show the feature, give a great presentation and then answer some questions. But what if you did a webinar to which you call all your top customers, asking them to subscribe, give them a 20% discount if they do so (create a sense of urgency) and then give them the news?

The great thing about webinars is also that they can look at it over and over again, and you can also use it as an educational content or a selling pitch.

So what responsibility does a salesperson have relating content marketing?

  • Create content that drives value – educational content such as webinars, ebooks or slideshare presentations

04 The business owner

The business owner doesn’t have the right time to stop a few hours at the desk, open Google Docs and start writing articles that can inspire their community. There’s a business to be ran and time is very precious. But that doesn’t mean that a business owner can’t create content, right?

Let’s say that this specific business owner is the kind of person who likes to talk. You can see him every day talking on  the phone, on Skype and when there’s a conference he or she can network easily. So why not use this asset and start a podcast?

The business owner can have his/her own podcast show, in which he/she can talk about several topics in the industry, invite other business partners and talk with them about the things they like. It can be a very friendly and useful show.

And what is the business owner’s job here? To sit down for 40-50 minutes, talk with the guest about whatever they want and that’s all. The next tasks fall in the marketing department’s agenda. They can record the audio, edit it, transcript in a new article, create a blog post, promote it (online advertising, email marketing, influencer marketing) and other things that the business owner doesn’t have the time to do.

The business owner will be the voice of the company and so the community can see a transparent and a cool culture over there.

In that case, that specific company will do something more for the industry: will educate them, will inspire and inform them.

And as a bonus, the business owner can invite even their customers to a podcast to talk about their business, how their product/service was helpful and what problem their company solved for the customer.

What responsibility does the business person have when it comes to content marketing?

  • Inspire and educate the industry and his/her company
  • Talk with his/her business partners and thought leaders
  • Be the voice of the company


05 The HR person

hr person content marketing

We all know that the HR person is a key person for a company. They create a company culture that makes the employees feel great to come to work every day. They understand what are the company’s needs, how to solve their employees problems and sometimes be the connection between the employees and top management.

I always say that if you want to have a great company you must hire 2 great persons: a CFO and an HR.

So what is the role of the HR person in a content marketing strategy?

For example, the HR department in our company has launched a monthly newsletter which they use to inform us about what happened with our company during the previous month. In this way we all know if our company was featured in some publication, who is our new colleague, what we want to do in the future, how our work impacted the entire company and stuff like this. Things that we want to know about the company where we are working for.

You can use this example and personalize it for your company too. Create a category in your company’s blog in which the HR  can write about the culture of the company, how the company is involved in CSR campaigns and other things you can do to make the employees proud of the company they’re working for.

What responsibilities does the HR have?

  • Can write a regular monthly article about the company culture
  • Show how the company is evolving in different aspects of the industry



You don’t have to be a content marketer to do content marketing. And let’s be honest: not only the copywriter or the content marketer must create the content.

Everybody from a company can do a great job if they know what needs to be done.

So here you go: the 5 type of people in a company who can create content and help your content strategy get more results, increase your business and grow your brand awareness.

Now let me know in the comment section below what other types of employee you think can help the content marketing team.


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