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Brand Should be Present on Social Media in 2015

Social Media
Social Media

This post could never reach an end anyway, so I’m going to put my two cents in too. From the hundreds of reasons you could read on the internet regarding why you, as a brand, should be present on Social Media, I was thinking this morning about this from my point of view.

There are, of course other social media gurus/ experts/ managers that know better, have more hours of study and conferences in their pocket, but what stops me from writing another post?

1. Because you convey the impression that you are a dynamic brand, a brand that “thinks”!

Until recently it was considers ok just having a webpage and writing a few articles for the news section. But today, things have changed. Every webpage must also contain social media icons (just like even I have, although I am not a brand, or am I?).

And what should it do with these icons? Be present on Social Media. By “present” I mean the fact of being dynamic, showing it has knowledge of something and helping customers to solve problems.

It’s not enough having a Twitter and Facebook account if you don’t communicate with your community, if you don’t wish them “good morning” and show them something relevant about you. Sharing a video you like every morning is not enough.

Make your brand more dynamic.

2. Because you are where your customers are!

People don’t search on Goggle anymore. “Google is your best friend” is starting to fade away for some people and searches are filtered on Social Media.

If you locate your “restaurant” on a continent it does not mean your restaurant will be full tomorrow. But if you locate your restaurant on a certain street and let your neighbors and people around you know that you’ve opened the newest and best restaurant in the neighborhood, someone will surely knock on your door the next day asking “is this where the new place opened up?”

Be present where your clients are present.

If they choose Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, LinkedIn, etc. why wouldn’t you choose to be there too?

3. To capitalize the reasons behind the decision to purchase- they know->what if->they trust

These are some of the reasons why people buy what they buy. Because they trust that certain brand. How do they trust it? They bought it before and it satisfied their needs and/or desires. They are familiar with that brand.

Because they want to try something different, on the principle of “what if” so they calculate the price/quality/quantity/rating report. After going through all of these filters they either end up buying it or they don’t. And these ways of communicating through Social Media will get you closer to the customer. They will get you into their lives without him buying you first, just through a simple click. And from there on your job will be not to annoy him with dozens of post a day, but neither to do nothing all day while the dust settles on you in his Likes list.

Now that you are part of his family, be careful how you behave.

4. Tips&Tricks Content

A lot of brands use Social Media just to give out information about themselves. These brands are selfish. They are content with just a promotion or a few YouTube songs (yes, I am aware I am exaggerating with the YouTube songs, but I am simply drained by all these brands misinterpreting communication while they just share the music they like from YouTube every morning, day and evening…just because they can) and that’s it. There’s no tips&tricks category.

Example: you’re a restaurant. You’ve got a community of 300 people that liked you. They Liked you because they like you, they ate well at your place, it looks good having you in their Likes list, and so on. Try giving them some tips & tricks on food. “Why would they eat healthy”, “what’s the best coffee in the morning, small or large…why?, “why should they walk and eat a sandwich at work….”, “why is vegetable soup good for them?” (Yes, I know, you heard about content marketing) This way, you will create a larger community that will look for information from you, will want to know you better and will be aware that you are specialized in something. This is your field of expertise, this is what you do, that’s why they chose you. You will be an information source in a specific field. When talking about food they will think about you.

5. To promote something faster than the IT specialist can upload on the website.

I know you’ve had trouble with the IT specialist when you needed to upload a press release, a banner, etc. But now, thanks to Social Media you can do it yourself in the most straightforward way and in real time. You don’t need 24 hours to communicate something. Social Media is successful also because everything happening there is in real time and straightforward.

6. To answer the consumers questions as fast as possible

Sometimes you forget to answer an e-mail or perhaps you simply don’t have the time to write an official e-mail. But by being on Social Media and being up to date with what it is said about you, being asked for an opinion or an argument, you are present and you can answer directly and in real time.

7. A Smarter Advertising

Here is my quote from the article about The Too Much Content Marketing Risk on Bannersnack‘s blog in which I’m writting about the only King that matter in the industry today – Marketing:

The today marketing is more than a billboard on the street or a radio campaign. The real marketing is bigger (and just look around and see how many tabs do you got open on your browse – check your social media accounts, daily news websites and other platforms and think about it where this was back in the 2000), stronger (inbound marketing, retargeting, targeted ads, display ads, search retargeting, social media marketing, dark posts – these are the arms that this king is using in a fight) and smarter (data, analytics, programmatic). And most of this – it’s everywhere.

But, of course, the social media part will not be done by the secretary or the manager. Hire someone that knows how to communicate with people, someone with a communicating flair and who knows what social media monitoring instruments means. Is aware of hashtags and reasons for tagging.

Not anyone can be a social media expert/manager/guru/assistant/reviewer/etc.

From my point of view, these would be the 7 reasons why a brand should be present on Social Media. Though you can certainly find out other reasons from the big guys that are much better at telling them.

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