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6 Reasons Why I Like What Gary Vaynerchuk Does


First time I’ve heard of Gary Vaynerchuk was from Lorand who was telling me about video content marketing and how this branch of marketing will grow and develop. Let’s just say that since then, I’ve put Gary in a corner among many other known “social media specialists”. Then Andrei (a romanian blogger) posted an article with a series of interviews by photographer Chase Jarvis. That was when I rediscovered Gary and my mind went something like “oh man, how cool is this guy!” What followed was listening to a series of speeches, reading dozens of articles and watching dozens of videos.

So I figured I’d write this post both for myself and for you answering the question “Why do I like what Gary Vaynerchuk does?”

1. Because he speaks from experience
At one point someone asked him that if he had the opportunity to go back in time, at the beginning of the path he chose, would he do things the same way he did? And his answer was simple and concise: Yes. He would. Why? Because before he went up on stage to speak for other people, before he wrote on his blog and before he started filming he worked his ass off for 10 years. He won experience, invested money and made millions of dollars; he lost money and sweated in order to deserve the place he now has on stage. Let this be a note for the so-called “specialists” and those who pay money to hear them.

2. Because he’s an early adopter but also a trendsetter
Just imagine that this guy did something that very few people would have been able to: He put General Electric on Vine and it brought him an earned media that there was no way he could have won by going the traditional route. He is one of the first vloggers who knew how to use Youtube to present his products and even sell them. And if Gary started using Medium – well…think about this!

3. Because he is consistent
Too many people talk about the fact that you must be consistent and you must have original content but few actually manage to put these words into practice. Well…Mr. Gary succeeds in doing so and with flying colors. Follow his blog and you’ll see my point – www.garyvaynerchuk.com.

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4. For his community
The fact that he started a series of questions on Twitter tagged #askgaryvee and he answers every video is worthy of applause. At one point he gave an answer to a guy who was asking for advice on how to launch a mixed track of Rihanna’s music and Gary explained to him what he does wrong and what he should be doing right – exactly- he followed his activity and gave a personalized answer. Personalized just for him!

5. Because he talks to people from the same level
I am quite skeptical by nature and I always search for sources and pretty much dig on the internet to find out what others are saying about the person I’m following. Even though I was reading his articles and watching his videos I also wanted to “feel the pulse” of his community. At one point though, he was the one saying that when talking to someone you should try and get on their level so you’ll be able to speak “the same language” And let me give you a piece of advice here, if you go to talk to a “specialist” and he speaks like he’s above you, leave him be and leave him there in his clouds.

6. Because he is interested in his brands
At one point a member of the audience asked him about the top 3 brands on social media and his answer was something along this lines: “this is a very hard question that I simply cannot answer, and you know why? 1. Because I manage some brands and if I start looking at the activity of different brands than I’m just doubling my work for nothing. And I want to put all my focus into my own work. 2. I could tell you the general top 3: Starbucks, Nike, Coca-Cola but they are outside my client portfolio and what am I doing then? Promoting other brands instead of my own? So I am sorry but I will not answer this question. Thank you for understanding! Next question!

And this is why I like what Gary does.

There are a few other points, of course, but I’ll keep those for myself.

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