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5 Examples To Spark Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

Everybody is talking about content marketing strategies and content marketing examples nowadays. More and more money are getting invested in different content marketing strategies. More and more companies are getting involved in content marketing.

But the real thing is that content marketing is getting to be a really noisy place. Enterprises are getting their hands on this marketing strategy. Fortune 500 companies are building in-house content departments and advertising agencies have recently realized that content is something they can sell over and over again.

What about the small business owners? What about the small business owner who is struggling to sell more of his/her product on their small market?

Well, as I found out in many different situations, content marketing is always a good idea for small business owners.

If you are a small business owner and you want to sell more of your product, but you don’t have the amount of money to invest in advertising or paid channels, let’s focus a little bit on content marketing.

Let’s see what  content marketing actually is:

From a simple search on Google about “What is content marketing?” I found this result that is very simple to understand:

Content Marketing is a type of marketing that involves the research, creation and sharing of relevant materials that does not explicitly promote a product or service but it’s have the purpose to stimulate interest in the brand.

Now let’s try and see what it actually wants to say!

“…involves the research, creation and sharing”

That means that you need to create something. Many SMB (small business owners) think that content marketing represents a blog on which you occasionally publish articles and then wait. But here is the problem that many SMB and marketing specialists have. Content Marketing is not only about creating content and sharing it on social media.

Yes, it involves this part of creation and sharing but without researching, without understanding the audience, without analyzing the content it’s a big fat zero. That means that content marketing should have a really good and deep understanding of the strategic part, a good creation tactic and a really powerful promotion.

“…relevant material”

What is a relevant material for you? For example, a really valuable material is the one that answers questions. This is why I use Google a lot when I want to find out the answers for my problems. Because it is giving me valuable information. A valuable material can be a video, a photo, an infographic or an article.

It can be anything from which I can learn something and have a better life. The best relevant material for your content marketing is the one that brings value into your customer’s or potential customer’s life.

“…not explicitly promote a product or service but it’s have the purpose to stimulate interest in the brand”

Even if content marketing has the final purpose of attracting and retaining an audience, it doesn’t mean that it should act just like an ad. Content marketing is not advertising. You don’t invest money to make money. You invest in content marketing to create a community, an audience, a fan base.

You invest in content marketing because it’s the only marketing strategy that adblockers don’t have a plugin for.


Now, I hope you understand a little bit what content marketing is.

Even professional marketers and top leaders in your industry are struggling with content marketing. Why? Because it’s a very powerful tool and if you don’t know how to use it you will fail. But don’t worry, content marketing is not an overnight success.

Content Marketing is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

And just like athletes train everyday for marathons, that’s also how you need to handle your content marketing too.

So, here are 4 simple lessons you need to know before we will dive into the examples I want to show you:

1. Research

many marketers believe that they can start right away with their content marketing campaign. They just create a blog, install wordpress, create ton of articles and then wait the customer to fall on their website. If you do this, you will fail right away. Before you start your content marketing campaign you need to do 2 things:

  • Understand your audience – Who is your audience? What are their needs? What can you do for them? How can you get closer to your audience? What kind of content do they consume the most? Thinking about your audience first is one of the best tactics you can do in your content marketing strategy. Because when you talk on your audience’s language, you won’t start from zero. They will understand you, they will follow you and eventually they will become the evangelists who will promote your content.
  • Understand the market – Who is your competition? What is your industry all about? Who are the influencers in your industry? Where is your market ahead to? How can  you impact this market with your content marketing? What are your industry’s needs?

2. Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

What makes you different than the others? Are you an energetic entrepreneur? Are you a more analytical one? Does your store have the best location? Do you have an 500 years old family business? Did you adopt an alien – maybe not, but I’m sure that you understand where I’m heading with this. When you find out what your UVP is, it will be much more easier for you to start your content marketing strategy.

Talk about your UVP with your family, friends, wife/husband, customers, employees and neighbors. Ask them about your UVP.

Why do they believe that you’re special?

3. Consistency and Patience

As I already told you before, content marketing is a marathon. You can’t run 30 km in sprint, right? This is why I recommend you to get real about content marketing and think about the time and energy you want to invest every day, every week and every month. When you will start, you won’t see a lot of results. But as the time will pass by and people will trust you and consume your content you will start to see the results.

And sometimes these results will be in comments like “Thank you for sharing this great article with us. Now I know what to do…” or you will read testimonials of people saying that your YouTube video has helped them a lot. Some of these results are the water you need in your marathon.

So be patient and consistent with your work.

4. Test, Experiment and Improve

I’m a big believer of  testing, experimenting and improving. I always like to test, even if I won’t see results. But this is why I’m different than the others in my industry. I like to experiment. When you test and experiment you understand what works and what doesn’t. I recommend you to experiment even if you get bad results.

Why? Because in that case you will be sure that it won’t work for you and you won’t live with the feeling that “What if…?” And the really interesting thing in content marketing is that with every piece of content you create, you can test, experiment and improve.

And sometimes it’s really funny.

I did not want to get very deep with these 4 lessons because my main focus with this article is showing you the 5 examples of great content marketing strategy.

But you don’t have to think about them as the big main examples you need to do right now.

It’s just a simple guideline that can give you a sense of what you can do.

Or maybe you will get some new ideas on from where you should start.

01 Roastycoffee.com


Roasty Coffee is one of those brands that you’re gonna like right from the start!

Matt, the founder of this project is an avid fan of coffee and he decided not to keep his passion for himself, but share it with the whole wide world. And the whole wide web for that matter. His job is building websites, but as he says on Roasty Coffee:

“This website, however, I built because I love coffee, and I wanted to share that love of coffee with you and everyone else who shares my passion. Through this, we can all enjoy the glory of thoughtfully made, mindfully prepared “slow” coffee together – even if we’re not in the same room. Hell, even if we’re not in the same country. “

One of the secrets to awesome content marketing, is storytelling. And Matt knows that very well since everything he does on Roasty Coffee is a great example of well-done storytelling. Even his About page is a solid proof of that.

After introducing the reader into what slow coffee is, he made a list of famous people who enjoyed drinking slow coffee. Among those are Ludwig Van Beethoven and Jerry Seinfeld and by enumerating these well known personalities, he gives even more value to this project. If they liked slow coffee, maybe I should try it too!

The main purpose of Roasty Coffee is helping people better understand the processes through which coffee get from bean to cup and general aspects of drinking coffee while also lending a hand to those that look for their path to true coffee discipline. Matt does that by writing articles about coffee. As you probably realized, some of your best articles are the ones in which you’ve written about subjects you love. Matt’s passion for coffee is explicit in every single article you can read on his blog, and this is the reason of his success (He had 81,424 visitors in 2016 and was featured in an article on The Huffington Post)

Articles like Can Coffee Help You Sleep?, How Much Caffeine is in a Cup of Coffee? or How to Measure Coffee and Water Perfectly are some of the pieces of content that Matt has written for Roasty Coffee. As you can see, most of his work concentrates on subjects that all of us are interested in.

You don’t even have to be a big coffee drinker, cause you might be interested in how coffee is done anyways!

Another part of his content strategy are the videos in which Matt talks and presents different ways in which you can brew coffee – with a French Press, an Aeropress and so on and so forth or simply talks about different subjects relating to coffee like how to store coffee beans!

Actionable tip:

Good content marketing generates conversations, and this is what Roasty Coffee does!

Find out subjects that give people something to think and talk about!

02 The Bible Project

Christian or not, you will swear that this is a great content marketing project. As the homepage says, The Bible Project is described like this: “Visual Storytelling Meets The Bible”.  

What a great way to get to a large number of people! And even more important, the right choice to get to young people which understand media and the Internet and are attracted to awesome visuals and animations.

Let’s put it this way: God has the best marketing strategy. And since we want to be as objective as we can, let’s think about this project just like about any other project that wants to promote a product. In this case, the product is the Bible.

What does The Bible Project do? “The Bible Project is a nonprofit animation studio that produces short-form, fully animated videos to make the biblical story accessible to everyone, everywhere.“

Why do I believe it’s a proof of great content marketing? Because it took a rather delicate and reserved subject, like religion and made it easy to be understood by everyone in a modern and snackable manner.

Also, I haven’t seen such great animations since Pixar’s Piper! The effort they put into creating such high quality content, be it text, audio or visuals are proof of respect to their  potential users.

Actionable Tip:

Whatever you do, give 200% of yourself. The effort you put into your projects is seen into the quality of your work and people see and feel that.

03 Van Winkle's


What’s something we totally refuse to do when we’re young but absolutely love and cannot wait to do when we’re adults? Sleeping of course!

If only I could turn back time and tell mini-Robert to benefit from all those mid-day naps!

Probably that’s why I really like Van Winkle’s so much. Because it explores the science, culture and curiosities of sleep. And I’m really curious why I feel like sleeping after a large lunch or why does coffee help me stay awake more. I’m sure you’ve asked yourselves that too.

Why do I believe that Van Winkles is a great example for an on-point content marketing strategy?

Because you don’t even realize you’re learning stuff while reading their articles. Which makes sense. When you enjoy reading something, it doesn’t feel difficult. One of the last articles I’ve read from their blog was ‘Why You’re Most Likely to Take Risks When You’re Only a Little Bit Tired’.

It was the last article bookmarked which I planned on reading before heading home from work. I was tired all the way, not only a little bit, but after reading it, I felt like a million bucks. I felt like I learned something new and interesting which gave me subjects to think about. For example, did you know that people are more likely to do something crazy after lunch, when they become a little tired from eating?

Why that happens you’ll find in the article above. For me, it was definitely a trigger. I wanted to know more!

I enjoyed it so much not only because it provided me information I didn’t know. But because it has an attractive structure. Research is one of the most important stages of a content strategy. And when you see that articles are written based on research you feel like what you’re reading has more value.

What I also liked is that this website is different from all the others I visit. Usually, the sites I read articles from have very well planned content guidelines for their potential guest writers. Van Winkle’s has this “We’re looking for work that is smart, skeptical, insightful and/or funny.” And honestly, leaving all we’ve learned aside, this is the recipe for success.

Actionable Tip:

Write something you’d enjoy reading and give valuable information in every piece you deliver.

Don’t let people leave your website with the feeling they lost their time.

04 The Pen Addict

the pen addict

There are so many types of geeks out there: The Gamer Geek, The Music Geek, The Device Geek, The Comic Book Geek aaaand The Stationary Geek.

It’s not hard to see in which category The Pen Addict founders fit the most. Brad Dowdy and Myke Hurley, the guys who started this project in 2007 are both stationary fans.


“The Pen Addict is a weekly fix for all things stationery. Pens, pencils, paper, ink – you name it, and Brad Dowdy and Myke Hurley are into it. Join as they geek out over the analog tools they love so dearly.”

They are setting the standard for stationery news and reviews with their weekly product reports. Another thing they are very good at is their podcast called The Pen Addict Podcast which has a very engaged and loyal audience (myself included).

What I like the most is that they not only address subjects like pens or notebooks, but also talk about their experiences, their lives and they also have some interesting guests from time to time. The podcast is light, it’s funny, it keeps you wanting more and the most awesome thing is that they have a great community! You wouldn’t believe that such a not-interesting-subject at the first sight can gather so many people in one place, but they did it!

Actionable Tip:

There is a community for everything. You only have to find yours or the one for your product.

05 The Hydraulic Press

If you have never seen any of this channel’s videos, you’re either too young to be on the Internet, or you’re my grandma.  The Hydraulic Press Channel was launched in 2015 by Lauri Vuohensilta, a Finish factory owner and his wife.

They started by publishing videos in which they crushed different objects with a hydraulic press. If we put it like this, it doesn’t sound very interesting, but when you start watching their videos, you’ll see how addictive they are.

How do I know? I once watched half of their 93 videos playlist. I only stopped because I was hungry.

The channel became famous after one of its video, in which they were trying to fold a piece of paper  more than seven times with the hydraulic press, was submitted to Reddit in 2016 when it received 2 million views in one day.

Today, the channel has over 1.7 million subscribers that love each of their video, buy their products and support the HPC as a community.

In an article published in Boy Genius Report, news editor Brad Reed stated that “couple’s reactions are part of what make the videos so funny”.

You can often hear Anni, Lauri’s wife laughing and giggling in the background or Lauri stating the obvious “in a fairly deadpan manner”.

New York magazine, stated that the channel attracts viewers by combining the “tension” created by the hydraulic press’s power with Lauri’s “goofy nerdiness”.  The fact that no one has ever done this before on the internet, combined with the perky personality of the Finnish couple is what I think transformed this channel into a huge success. Their UVP is that they bring something oddly satisfying to watch and what you’ve never seen before to the table.

And it’s catchy and addictive!

Actionable Tip:

Your content doesn’t have to be the best out there, but it definitely has to be attractive and original.


Finding something that’s never been done it’s difficult, but try thinking outside the box and find authentic ways to build your content marketing strategy.

Now let me know in comment section what do you think about these examples.

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