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Are You An Extra-Mile Marketer?


We all go through that moment when we think that our job is done.

If you are a content marketer you might think that your job is finished after you’ve published the article you’ve been working on for so long. If you are a social media manager you believe that after post a new status on Facebook you are ready to go. And let’s not talk about the creatives in a marketing or advertising team that believe that their job is done whenever they have one awesome idea!

The difference between an usual marketer and a great marketer is the

extra-mile moment

And the great marketer knows and understands why he needs to go an extra-mile to do a better job, to get better results and make it on top of the game.

I call it the extra-mile marketer.

Being an extra-mile marketer doesn’t mean that you need to work 16 hours/day or in weekends. I mean, the extra mile marketer works a little more than the others but he or she is not satisfied with the results that came from “well, this was my job” or “my job here is done, so I move along to another task”.

Sometimes (I added sometimes because I know that I’m not the 100% perfect Old Spice-ish man) I like to call myself the extra-mile marketer because I want to do more to get more results.

For example, when I write an article I want to go deeper and start by making the research. Not only the keywords, the statistics or how to create the content but I also love seeing what people are talking about this certain topic, what are the most common questions and other tactics that can help me create an amazing piece of content.

There were moments in which I started writing an article and after I finished it I reached out for the specialists to get the insights I wanted to make my work better.

Even if I was late with the publishing date.

And after I had published and shared the article on social media, I monitor it every single day. I look at how it’s working in backlinks, how is its traffic and what I can do after a few weeks to optimize it in order for it to be a better article.

I’m not going really deep into SEO, but I’m trying to figure out what is the intent of the reader.

This is only a simple example of what I normally do after I write an article.

Marketing departments need more extra-mile marketers.

The ones who are not afraid to test new tactics. The ones who are not afraid to work more if there’s a big project. The ones who are not afraid to fail and then move on and consider the fail an experience and an experiment.

But how can an extra-mile marketer (you can change the word “marketer” with other jobs like sales person, designer, manager or others) do his job without experiencing the burn out feeling.

Here comes the micro-macro moment.

The micro-macro moments

The macro-moment is that one specific big purpose in your daily job. Let’s think about wanting to grow your website traffic to 10k visits/month. This is your big goal. The point you want to reach with your work.

The macro-moments must comply to your business strategy or can be some of your big dreams (being an entrepreneur one day, being the best employer from your company, saving the kids from your neighborhood from drugs).

It’s the big picture you are having in your mind right now.

The micro-moment is the daily job you do to get to your macro-moment. The little tasks that you need to do. Writing an article every 2 or 3 days. Promoting it on social media. Updating the old articles. Replying fast to comments. Commenting on other websites. Doing interviews.

The micro-moment must comply to the macro-moment.

You are doing small little jobs that are just like the bricks you are putting one on another to build a wall, then another wall, then another wall and finally the house.

The extra part

I’m not saying that the extra-mile marketer is the new best guru specialists marketer. I’m just saying that maybe somewhere inside in every one of us is a little bit of extra-effort to do a better job.

The fact is that I believe that every one of us can go an extra-mile, can work an extra-minute, can do an extra-job. It’s the extra that can make the difference between today and tomorrow.

I don’t know what is your extra-mile. Some of you maybe can teach others how to work better, some of you can show your colleagues how to do a better job.

One thing I’m 100% sure is that my extra-mile is so different then your extra-mile. But if we work together to combine these extra moments – we can do a better job today than yesterday.

So, what can you do today to go an extra-mile?

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