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20 Marketing Groups on Facebook (to Skyrocket Your Skills)

Social Media
Social Media

Social media can be a great and powerful tool for marketing. Especially if you know what you are doing and of course, if your audience is on the channel you are using as your main channel for content distribution.

However, social media can be effective even if you are not disseminating the information on an official page or account.

It can be efficient if you choose groups and with this article, I will try to answer your main questions regarding this topic:

What are Facebook groups and why are groups effective in marketing?

On Facebook – as on other social media channels – groups are places where communities with shared interests gather in order to discuss these interests, exchange useful information and data, share opinions and useful resources.

These groups can be public or private.

Anyone can join a public group while private ones welcome new members based on invitations or after carefully weighting their express applications.

There are hundreds if not even thousands of niche groups available on Facebook, a professional may join in order to get in touch with their peers. The benefits outweigh the costs in time spent searching and conversing with the other members.

Here are some of the most important benefits:

  • Members of a group are able to share not only information but also files, photos, videos, create and promote events.
  • Anyone can start a Facebook group. And then, promote it on their main pages and accounts and invite other professionals and people interested in the main topic, to join and contribute.
  • As a marketer, marketing related groups can give you interesting insights on this industry and valuable discussions on marketing strategies as well as inspiration to create and develop your own.
  • Private groups can also help you to expand your professional network, meet new and interesting people who do the same job or similar job and exchange information, insights on the industry, discuss trends etc.
  • You can also build a community for your company or your brand via your own Facebook group.

What are the best Facebook groups for marketers?

Now that we know what Facebook groups are good for, it’s time to discuss the best places you can choose to be on this channel. To this end, after carefully weighing all the information available to me, I came up with a list of the most important 20 groups you can join. Here it is:

1. The Smart Passive Income Community

The Smart Passive Income Community

The Smart Passive Income is a general community for marketers covering all aspects of this occupation. The Facebook Group is over 5 years old (started in 2014) and it is backed up by a huge community of over 41 thousand members at the time this article was written.

This is a closed group which means you need to apply for membership before taking part of the conversations. However, once you do it, you can discuss any topic that is of interest for you as a marketer and learn from your peers when you need to acquire some new skills or information regarding your profession.

You can discuss business, blogging or podcasting, get involved in the community and become a part of it.

2. Digital Marketing Hub

Digital Marketing Hub

If, on the other hand, you are searching for an open, free to access group for marketers, then Digital Marketing Hub may be one of your best choices. Being open, you get to evaluate the content before joining and thus, knowing right from the start if it is what you are looking for or not.

The group is quite popular with over 43k subscribed members and over 4 years in history which means that it is here for the long run and not just as an experiment.

It’s a spam free group dedicated to entrepreneurship and marketing, with a large crowd of peers that can help you learn more about the subject and keep up to date with the latest trends and developments.

3. Freedom Hackers

Freedom Hackers Facebook Group

Kimra Luna, the founder of Freedom Hackers, a digital project aimed at helping entrepreneurs and marketers via courses, a public speaker, activist, content creator, podcast host and mentor to many is behind this very popular Facebook Group.

While some of you may not have heard about Luna, she actually has a lot of stuff to teach whether you are a self-made marketer and entrepreneur or an agency worker. She has started over 5 years ago from scratch and built an email list that combined with the social media followings has reached to the point of over 200k followers.

Apart from this, her Facebook Group is very lively with thousands of active users, marketers and entrepreneurs that are making their contribution to the community on a daily basis.

4. AdEspresso University

AdEspresso University

AdEspresso University is a Facebook Group focused on social learning. It was created over 4 years ago by Massimo Chieruzzi and since then, it has been constantly growing. Now, the community gets together over 6600 people which is a lot, considering that we are talking niches here and not general knowledge.

As you can clearly guess from the group’s title, this one focuses on advertising. It is actually aiming at providing hep and valuable insights to marketers who plan to advertise on Google and Facebook, two of the most popular advertising platforms of today.

5. Ecom Empires

Ecom Empires Facebook Groups

If you are a marketer who works for an eCommerce website or plan on running an eCommerce business, this group can be everything you’ve dreamed of.

You’ll get to meet fellow professionals with the same or similar interests, exchange new and valuable information and, if you want to, learn how to market an online store from scratch.

Yes, the group is suitable for both, professional and experienced marketers and newbies as well. If you want to learn how to scale your online campaigns and optimize them properly, this place is perfect for you.

The community is active here and their numbers are growing.

At this moment, the groups has almost 82k members, pretty big numbers for a closed group.

6. Product & Growth with Josh Fetcher

Product & Growth with Josh Fetcher Facebook Groups

This is yet another popular Facebook group that has over 25k members. It focuses on marketing and it was created for professionals from this industry who want to share information and better themselves.

You are not allowed to promote your campaigns here – as it is the case with most of the professional and powerful groups available today – but you are encouraged to share your most successful stories and strategies.

Thus, you can learn a lot from your peers, from marketers who succeeded in their jobs.

You get to learn how they did it, what was their approach and how you can adapt your own strategies to get similar results.

7. The Social Media Geek Out

The Social Media Geek Out

The Social Media Geek Out is a group created by Matt Navarra, a digital and Social Media consultant and expert with a lot of experience in digital marketing. In other words, it is hosted by someone you can learn a lot from and at the same time, who can help you a lot with insightful knowledge and information.

Moreover, the group has been growing exponentially since its launch, over 2 years ago and it is now backed up by almost 10 thousand members.

It is dedicated to social media geeks, as the name suggests and it may be the perfect go to place for every marketer who want to stay up to date with the latest trends and developments of the industry.

8. Digital Marketing Questions

Digital Marketing Questions Facebook Groups

There are not many public, open groups focused on marketing to choose from. Until now, this list featured only one in this category but fortunately, I decided to dig a little further and here we are.

Digital Marketing Questions is a group focused on marketing and as you can clearly comprehend from its name, on questions and answers in this field of interest.

As the official description states, “this group is meant for all digital marketing professionals (or people who want to learn) – SEO, PPC, social, Analytics – to ask questions, network and share relevant industry content”. And, as you expected, this is a spam free group with a strong community of professionals who take pleasure in open communication, information exchange and helping each other.

9. Marketing Solved

Marketing Solved Facebook Groups

Marketing Solved is a closed community based on the Facebook group concept and with a lot of history.

The group is powered by a strong community of marketing professionals and can help you develop your skills through marketing training, tips, and tutorials, articles, business and marketing strategies, and success stories.

The admins of the group do a great job, keeping it free of spam and creating traditions that contribute to the overall lively activity. These traditions can include weekly or daily topics, when people can focus on specific things, on specific topics which can be very helpful as they tend to eliminate the background noise.

The group was created and it is managed by marketingsolved.com, a website which focuses on marketing and help us through free guides, tutorials and strategic resources.

10. Picasso Content MarketingPicasso Content Marketing Facebook Groups

This popular Facebook group focuses on one of the most popular topics in marketing today, the content itself. As the name suggests, the group and its members are advocates of the popular content marketing framework known as PICASSO.

The name is an acronym that translates as follows: Plan, Infrastructure, Create, Amplify, Syndicate, Share, Outcome.

The group helps its community develop and grow their businesses through the power of content marketing strategies and techniques. If you are working with content as well – and I am sure in one way or another you do – you need to join Picasso Content Marketing.

Here, you will find a strong community that loves to help, communicate and exchange valuable information on this very popular topic. Moreover, the group admins post frequently “how‐to” videos and articles and run weekly live Q&A sessions on marketing strategies, courses or products.

11. Ahrefs Insider

Ahrefs insider facebook group

This group was started over three years ago with the purpose of helping Ahrefs users with questions and answers about the tools available on the main Ahrefs website. Since then, it grew exponentially, growing into a solid community of SEO marketers where they can discuss everything related to this field of knowledge, ask questions, receive answers and answering at the same time to what other are questioning on the group.

Here, you can find solutions to all your SEO related issues you encounter during your daily work and of course, develop your knowledge on this important marketing related topic.

12. MozCon

MOZCon facebook group

Moz is already a well known and respected name in the marketing and SEO industry worldwide. Their MozCon event even more, comes with a great opportunity to meet fellow marketers and peers from different branches of the digital market. If you plan being in Seattle at one point, I would recommend being there for this conference.

It’s a three-day event created and organized by Moz, one of the leading providers of SEO related software for marketers and webmasters from all around the world.

Moreover, the event has now its own Facebook Group where people who already attended previous events can meet people who wish or plan to attend them in the future and vice versa.

Except for the ability to meet and talk with your peers, the MozCon community comes with yet another great strong facet. It’s the MozCon community speaker program, a huge opportunity for everybody to pitch to speak for 15 minutes on the main MozCon stage. Each year, they select 6 of the best pitches to join the stage of the event.

13. Bannersnack Assembly

Bannersnack Facebook Group

Marketers do a lot more than talking about strategies and new ways to attract their customers. They need to actually do something and visual marketing is one of the most important things in this industry besides written content, great ideas and consistency.

For visual marketers and designers, Bannersnack’s Assembly is the perfect place to exchange ideas and keep in touch with the latest trends in matters of banners, visual advertising and other similar pieces of content they need in order to make their strategies work.

It’s a new group that was established in 2018 hence, a growing community.

It’s one of the best places to be for a visual designer or a marketer who creates visuals on a daily basis.

14. B2B Bloggers Boost Group

B2B Bloggers Boost Group

If you are into the B2B marketing business, then you need to find a dedicated Facebook Group for this branch of the industry. Fortunately, I have already found it. It’s called B2B Bloggers Boos Group and it is all about B2B marketing.

The community was created in June 2018 by Stefan Debois and centers around community help.

In other words, members of the group come here to help each other promote their content and give each other a boost in their content impact on the digital market. All you need in order to be able to join the group is to be a B2B marketer or blogger, to blog frequently and to be willing to actively take part of what this community was initially build for: promotion.

15. Visual Content Creators

Visual Content Creators

Visual storytelling is a powerful tool if you know how to use it properly. And, it seems that nowadays, everything is about storytelling, unique and informative content and great ideas.

All these things and more are easy to find if you know where to look or find the right people that can help you. Visual Content Creators by Socially Sorted can be that place.

It is a Facebook Group focused around a community of visual marketers who share experiences and ideas, stories and valuable advice.

Also, the group shares relevant links to webinars, trainings, articles and blog posts that may help you develop your professional knowledge and keep track of the latest trends in this field.

16. Facebook Ads Experts Academy

Facebook Ads Experts Academy Facebook Groups

Marketing is more than content and communication. It can also profit from advertising and this group focuses on these aspects of your strategy. The community is based on marketers who are already advertising on Facebook and therefore, who are at least at a medium or intermediate level with this process.

You will not learn advertising from scratch here but, you will learn a lot if you are a professional and active in this industry with some expertise and experience in the field.

17. CXL – Conversion, Optimization, Analytics & Growth

CXL – Conversion, Optimization, Analytics & Growth

This is a group started and owned by CXL, an educational website, a group that focuses on general discussions for marketers based on the most important 4 topics: Conversion, Optimization, Analytics and Growth.

The group is public and this means you can check out the discussion boards before joining. This is great because you can easily assess whether or not it is the right community for you. Of course, you can not just join and dump your links and ads on CXL but you can participate in discussions and learn everything you need to know about what interests you from other professionals. Nobody knows everything but we can help each other acquire the information we need in order to improve our results. And, groups such as this one will do exactly that.

18. Digital Marketing Questions & Answers

Digital Marketing Questions & Answers

This is one of the marketing groups that passed the test of time as it is already over 6 years old and counting. It has more than 56k users up to this date and can help you get in touch with fellow marketers and exchange useful information as subscriptions are open for everybody who wants to be part of this group.

With active moderation and a dedicated community, Digital Marketing Questions and Answers has little to no spam which means that you will find here more useful things than background noise. Moreover, the owner organizes frequent digital events, like Q and A sessions which can make your life easier if you don’t already know everything about the industry.

Since I know virtually nobody who can say there’s nothing new to learn for them in marketing, these sessions can be quite helpful to all of you.

19. First in Line with GaryVee

First in Line with GaryVee

Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the most prolific figures of today’s digital marketing scene. He has created this group in order to get together like minded individuals, facilitate discussion and information sharing between fellow social media marketers and advertisers.

If you have any questions regarding social media marketing and related topics, this is the place to go for answers. The Facebook Group is supported by a huge community of almost 50 thousand members which is pretty impressive for a group that was created only one year ago, in June 2018.

20. Social Media Managers

Social Media Managers Facebook Groups

Social Media Managers is one of the oldest, if not the oldest one, groups that still exist today on Facebook with focus on marketing and marketing related activities.

While the groups is a closed one, everyone is free to apply for membership and be a part of a lively and well informed community of professionals and marketing enthusiasts.

With over 30k members, the group has a lot to give, especially when it comes to meeting fellow professionals and getting valuable information on your main topics of interest.

Do you have questions? Do you need advice on social media marketing?

Well, join this group and ask them. The community will most likely respond immediately and most of all, they will give you enough good answers to choose from.



Digital marketing is a powerful tool, especially today, when almost everybody has access to high speed internet and thousands of websites for each domain of interest.

In order to be a good marketer, however, you need to invest time in constantly learning and developing your skills and social media can be quite helpful if you know how to use it accordingly.

One of the best uses of social media is through professional communities of peers focused on communication and development based on shared interests. As a marketer, you can benefit a lot from Facebook groups and with this article this was my main purpose: to share with you some of my favorite communities which can help all of us grow together, professionally.

And if you have any other favorite facebook marketing groups, just let me know in the comment section.

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