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Quick Guide on How to Get Started with Marketing on Reddit

Social Media
Social Media

Everybody knows that social media provides one of the best environment for content marketing these days. Facebook, YouTube and Instagram are as popular as ever in 2018. Social media marketing, however, cannot and should not be reduced to those three channels only.

There is a channel that has a long history, comparable to any of the above mentioned and you might find out that it can give you exactly what you need with the same or less effort.

I am talking about Reddit and yes, you can conduct marketing on Reddit and to your surprise, it can be quite effective.

What is Reddit and why should you consider using it as a marketing tool?

I am sure that some of you are already aware of the platform and maybe, even use it on a daily basis for different purposes. I am going to address this section, therefore, to those who did not use Reddit and came across it only when they were searching for information that was relevant to them.

Reddit is a social news aggregation and web content rating website. It is also great for discussions, similar to an open forum. In short, people come here to submit links, images and other types of content, to rate them and discuss various topics of interest.

Now, let’s try to answer the second question. Why is Reddit a good marketing channel?

Well, for instance, let’s consider the traffic.

According to Statista, there are more than

1.6 billion visits from desktop and mobile on Reddit.

And, these are monthly figures.

Reddit traffic

If you take a quick look at the above image, you can easily observe that there is an ascending trend. Reddit is on the rise.

What else?

Well, with Reddit, you get access to an impressive community that as of April 2018, consists of 330 million users. Seems a little bit small, compared with Facebook and Instagram but rest assured, it is not. Although there are fewer users who use this platform, it gives you access to an impressive 45.000 subreddit communities.

These communities are niche oriented and as a consequence, they give you access to people who are interested in specific things. This is not a general audience.

How can you get started with Reddit marketing?

The first thing you need to do is to study and apprehend the “reddiquette“. Learn how to behave in this community, how to post your links, what to do and what to do not.

Here’s a thing that is specific to many other social communities.

Reddit users do not like people who market their own websites and services in an aggressive way.

You need a little bit of tact and to engage actively with each community that fits your marketing goals. You need to offer valuable information, to comment on other links and to keep a truthful standard of up and downvoting.

Now, let’s take a quick look at some of the most important steps you need to undertake:

1. Create your account

Obviously, the first reasonable step is to create an account and join the Reddit community of users.

create account reddit

While you can freely browse the topics and read everything that has been posted on Reddit without signing up, I suggest signing up for a personal account for marketing reasons. It will allow you to create your own community, comment, and vote on other’s posts and of course, submit links of your own.

It is important to choose wisely your username because you won’t be able to change it afterward. And, everything you post, all your comments and links will be there, all stored under your profile name, for all to see.

Your activity will be your own business ID card.

2. Search for your niche

Here’s the greatest thing about Reddit:

You can find topics about everything you are able to think about.

There are subreddit groups and communities for popular general topics but also for very narrow niches. Moreover, if you want to talk about something that isn’t there, there is always the possibility to create your own community and start posting.

Also, Reddit is an absolutely amazing channel when it comes to opportunities. You don’t need to know influencers, you don’t need to know the right people. All you need is the inspiration to find exactly what the community wants to read about. And then, of course, submit your links and ideas for them to read.

In short, the best way to get around Reddit and achieve your goals on this platform is to constantly interact with the communities and post amazing content (links, photos, and comments).

How do you find the subreddit communities you need?

This step is pretty simple as all you need to do is to use the search bar available on the main page, in the top of the screen.

subreddit communities

Write down your keyword and hit enter. As you can see, you will get the most popular three results and a “view more” link if you still want to browse related subreddits.

My ideal niche is very narrow. What can I do?

Of course, you can find out that the community you seek is so small that your marketing efforts might be in vain. No problem, there are other ways in which you can use Reddit. For instance, you can try to find a way to integrate your topic into other big communities that are more general.

Here are some examples:

  • r/AskReddit – 20.1 million subscribers. This is a very popular subreddit where you can ask the other users various questions regarding quite about anything that comes to your mind. At the same time, if you fell up to the task, you can answer some of their questions as well.
  • r/todayilearned – 19.4 million subscribers. You can use this subreddit to share interesting information that you came across. Share some of your new discoveries, valuable information from various domains and sources. Of course, some of them can be tied up to your own niche. Thus, you can divert a discussion to what really interests you. I am talking about your business, of course.
  • r/funny – 20.7 million subscribers. If you have something funny to share, this is the group you will want to share with. It may be a long shot for your marketing strategy but at the same time, it is a shot you may have to take in order to build up a reputation.

How can you use these apparently general and unrelated communities?

There are two things that should interest you at this point.

Firstly, there’s the opportunity to share information.

Secondly, it is the opportunity to build reputation and karma on Reddit.

Karma is sometimes very important, as other people will tend to look at your account and evaluate you on account of your points, your activity, and your reputation. This may become handy when you want people to trust you and your expertise.

This is what others will see when they click on your username:

reddit karma

The more karma and trophies you’ve got, the better you’ll be regarded by your peers.

3. Create your own community

There is a good chance that you will need to expand more than Reddit has to offer. There may be thousands of subreddits already set in place but at the same time, you can find out that you can contribute more to it, and create one for yourself. A subreddit that is more personalized and closer to the real niche you are marketing.

Can it be done?

Yes, indeed it can. Just like all other communities that are already available out there, you can create your own. As you navigate through the website, you will notice the following button available on the right side of the screen. Click on it:

reddit communities

Useful tips to get around Reddit marketing

Whatever you do, whatever your main goals may be, it’s almost never enough to just be there. You cannot leave a few links around and wait for the miracle to happen. If you want to get around successfully, you will need to invest.

Unlike other channels, however, you don’t need a budget.

Your investments will be mostly in time. I am referring to the time spent engaging actively with the Reddit communities.

Here are some useful advice for it:

Build a reputation

As I have already mentioned it earlier, Reddit is an open community where people sharing similar interests get together and help each other with valuable content and information. You need a good reputation in order to attract the attention of people and at the same time, you need the whole process of building the reputation for obvious marketing reasons.

What are these reasons?

Well, you get reputation by contributing to the community.

Here’s a study case that explains in short how a small company with a very niched product, managed to thrive on Reddit, build a karma over 200, host an AMA and generate over 1200 sessions after their only first few months of Reddit marketing.

What did they do?

In short, they engaged with the community and contributed to it.

  • They voted on specific posts (up or down, depending on the relevancy and value of the link.
  • They commented and answered questions posed by other users.
  • They hosted an AMA after they received an invitation from a mod.

reddit case study

Offer full guides and lists to the audience

Reddit is not only for links, questions, comments, and answers. You can use the platform as a content marketing channel. If you are able to provide relevant content to the audience, you will get enough upvotes to start building your reputation. Moreover, you can also link back to your website if the admins allow it. (On your own subreddit, you will not need approval).

Here’s a great example of a full guide published on Reddit.

guide publish reddit

As you can see, the screenshot features three outbound links and this is only the mere introduction of the guide. Also, at the start of the text, there’s a personal link the author gives to his own blog.

This makes a great way to promote yourself or your business, don’t you think?

If your post is valuable, upvotes and direct traffic will follow.

Here’s yet another great example of valuable information. This time, the user gives links to a list, a professional list of items selected and ready to be picked by the community.

reddit marketing example

The author of the article identifies himself as a professional with significant experience in his area of expertise. At the same time, he uses the storytelling skills in order to promote his link and make it more attractive.

Offer to help others

Here’s another great idea that works every time, no matter what you are doing as long as you are doing it. Help others! Offer your free expertise, your free advice, your top notch professional knowledge.

reddit marketing

Choose a relevant subreddit community. Or, create your own. Then, say who you are, what you are good at and ask people how you can be of help to them. Help is always welcomed and it allows you to build a good reputation among your peers.

Also, if they value your advice, they may also come to visit your website and/or blog for more.

It’s a win-win situation one cannot disregard or ignore. And, most of the times, it works.

Real and effective examples of how Reddit can help you

Before concluding this article, I will make just one little stop and I will tell you a few words about two of the most successful stories on Reddit marketing I know about.

The first example comes from a fashion retailer, Uniqlo. According to Marketing Land, they decided to market their brand and products directly via Reddit.

Arielle Dyda, the company’s marketing manager, used her personal account and tagged herself as an official representative of the company. Then, she decided to engage with the audience and invite Reddit users to Uniqlo meetups. She posted about good deals and special offers as well as new product launches. Unlike what you would think, Arielle was not overly promotional in her behavior. Instead, she acted like she was one of the regular Reddit users and used the platform the way it was meant. She constantly engaged with the audience.

The results were better than expected. According to the cited source, 64% of the social media-driven sales came directly as a consequence of the Reddit campaign.

It helps to understand Reddit in general,” Dyda said. “It’s changing every day so you have to know what “Banana for Scale” means and “who the real MVP” is to really get the humor of what the guys are bringing to you… and girls, they are a smaller community but they are still there.

The second example comes from an experiment conducted by a marketing specialist, Wilson Hung. You can read about his entire test here, on Growth.org. In short, here’s what he’s done and also, some of his most important findings:

It’s common knowledge that people on Reddit hate obvious and aggressive marketing.

However, they become quite open and friendly with people who follow the written and unwritten rules of the platform and who are engaging actively with the audience.

Wilson tried to take advantage of this and apparently, it worked. “In one month, I gained ~770 subscribers by spending a few minutes each day commenting on post”, he said.


Many marketers tend to overlook the importance of direct marketing, in a world dominated by social media communities that are already overly saturated by offers, advertisements, “incredible deals” and branded visuals, branded communication etc.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Reddit provides a partially virgin ground for marketers.

Its communities do not favor marketers and tend to overlook aggressive promotional messages. However, they do love to engage with their peers and they know how to reward valuable information and useful links. If you learn how to do that and if you have what it takes to become a part of these communities, you can achieve great deals with Reddit with minimal investments in time and effort.

What do you think about Reddit marketing? Did you try this channel?

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