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7 Proofs That Paid Ads Are a Good Tactic in Content Marketing

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

What if I told you your content marketing sucks? Maybe you get angry and you stop talking to me, right? But what if I told you that I can make your content marketing get more attraction, be more visible and get the results you want?

But there is a bigger question a content marketers should ask today:

How to make your content stand out and get to the right person you created it for?

There is a simple answer that many of you already know:

  • understand who is your audience
  • deliver content for them in a unique way.

And there is the other answer that a few of you might tried it: paid ads.

Because the today’s paid ads are getting more smart and even more intelligent when they are used properly.

On the other hand, today you can advertise not only products and services, but also your content to the right target audience.

And I believe that there are a few people who want to consume your content, subscribe to your lists, trust your brand and then start buying from you.

Sometimes content is the right indicator of how good you do for your consumers when they are willing to write reviews on your product. Interesting, right? When people spend their time giving feedback on your product, it means you are doing both a good job or one that can be improved.

You can use your content to encourage people to write reviews to see how they perceive your product, what are you doing good and what can be improved. So do in such a way in which you get more reviews from your users in order to confirm the good job you are doing.

Up until now I’ve done some research and found some great stats that can help you get in front of your boss and show him that you need more than a few articles on your blog, or a content creation team.

Here are the stats that show you the importance of paid advertising for content marketing.

01 55% of marketers use banner ads to promote their content

content marketing and paid ads

If someone tells you that banner ads are almost dead, please show them this study. It is a fact that, when it comes to paid promotion, banner ads are in top five used tools to advertise a business.

As Joe Pulizzi said in an interview:

“Display advertising and content marketing aren’t adversaries…they should work together.”

The best content you can create is the one that reaches the right audience at the right place. That’s why, through display advertising, you can reach the right person through the right targeting.

One of the first things I always tell my friends who are designing banner ads is that they need to understand the audience and the products’ benefits. And after they designed the banner ad they should stand up from the desk, take a few steps back and look at the banner, if it’s something that they would click on it on a website, then it’s ok to go.

Here you can find more information on how to design cool banner ads that can support your content marketing strategy.

So start designing awesome banners to drive your possible customers to your website and see the magic happen!

Whether you use web or mobile banner ads, you should definitely take this strategy into consideration. Don’t forget about the call-to-action buttons you can add to your banner and let them roll!

02 There are 1,000,000 advertisers on Instagram

1 million advertisers instagram

It is well known that since it launch and the Facebook acquisition, Instagram has grown enormously.

The milestone that has reached this year, 1.000.000 advertisers, made Instagram the largest mobile advertising platform. Imagine 1.000.000 advertisers promoting and selling their products through mobile.

My guess is that this happened mainly because they have introduced several types of ads: promoted posts – linked to Facebook as well-, Instagram Stories Ads and the possibility of being creative whether we are talking about photos, videos or stories.

Take Lionsgate UK’s example when they wanted to promote La La Land to a younger audience, which was not necessarily familiarized with classic Hollywood music genre. They have created videos for Instagram that they promoted through targeting to users aged 18 – 24. The result was an 8-point lift in awareness and a 4-point rise in viewing intent. The audience at the movie in theatres was also a numerous younger one, meaning that the specific ads were effective.

Or another example is how Smartketer used Instagram Ad Stories to grow their brand awareness and get new customers. They used both video and photo, but in their case study they found out that the one that get more results was video.

“When working with Instagram, you should take advantage of all that this app has to offer.” Ruben Szekrenyes, Graphic Designer, Smartketer

The business model of Instagram is to get businesses closer to their audience.

03 76% of B2C marketers use promoted posts on social media

You want your message to be delivered to the right audience, don’t you? So how do you do this?

Studies show that an increase in promoted posts has been seen in the past years, as well as an increase in the ROI after targeting a specific audience through promoted posts.

When it comes to B2C businesses, the main used channel is Social Media, mainly Facebook, followed by Twitter and Instagram lately.

But do you know where your customers come from? Which social networks or other campaign types? What are they looking at after they get to your website?

For this, my friend, I encourage you to use specific tools like Leadfeeder that will give you the answers to these questions.

Just look on the Internet for tools that allow you to identity visitors, see what they look at, get email alerts when one of your target users is visiting your website and send your leads to your CRM. Awesome, right?

These types of tools will ease your work in no time. This way, you get the chance to know who your audience is, understand their behavior and ease your job when looking for the best people to reach.

04 50% of marketers named videos as the type of content with the best ROI

It is well known that the video power is growing – and not slowly – taking over all the social networks: from YouTube, to Facebook and Instagram.

Since 2015 videos have gained more and more importance both on the professional level – for marketers, for example- and on a personal level.

Many consumers prefer to watch a tutorial instead of reading guidelines for a product. So video is more and more attractive both to consumers and to marketers.

Take, for example, the YouTube Ads. You can create stories in which you can make future users of your product or your brand integrate with your story or the story that is to follow in the YouTube video you planned to see.

For example, Australian Marketing Agency, VML used the geo-targeting to create pre-roll ads about people that were missing in the area the viewer was from. Instead of skipping the ad, the users engaged with the story and tried to give more information on missing persons they have had info on.

My advice for you, my friend, is to add photos or videos to your promoted content and you will see the results. Also, in this way, you can get more creative.

Post photos and videos that catch the eye and the results will boom. Just try it!

05 54% of B2B Content Marketers think that Search Engine Marketing is the most effective paid method of content promotion

When talking about content marketing for B2B, marketers prefer to use Search Engine Marketing as their principal tool when promoting a brand or a product.

Search Engine Marketing (or SEM) refers to paid search ads, pay-per-click, cost-per-click and cost-per-thousands-impressions.

There are several platforms that offer you the possibility of creating SEM ads, such as Google Ads (the most effective), followed by Bing Ads and Yahoo Ads.

With so many possibilities of using SEM, I advise you to test each of them and see which one fits your needs better and then start invest in that specific one.

06 B2B marketers are using LinkedIn ads more (28%) than B2C marketers (11%)

Every business has it’s own profile: it can be a B2C business, a B2B business, or both.

So depending on your business profile, you can choose specific social media networks where to spread your efforts on.

If you are a B2C business, social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube should be your first options when it comes to promoted content; whereas if you are a B2B business, you should use LinkedIn and Twitter to promote it.

Define your spectrum and then put your efforts where it really matters.

07 Spending on native ads will reach $7.9 billion this year and grow to $21 billion in 2018

Native advertising and content marketing should not be separated in any way, even though your first thought would be to do so.

Use native advertising to give people the content they need. Don’t always use content marketing to sell. Use it to get to the people’s feelings and try to solve an issue they have, give them the information they need. This is how you should combine native advertising with content marketing.

Research for your target and then send them the right message at the right time. But don’t try to fool them. If your users will feel aggressed by your ads, they might not take you into consideration. If they feel your ad helps them, they will gladly follow you.

Find your target, tailor intelligent messages they need and reach them!


As I already said, reaching the right audience might take time and a lot of effort if you want to do it organically.

So the alternative for this is paid content promotion.

Studies have shown that in the past year, the majority of the marketers have increased their budget when it comes to content promotion.

Whether we are talking about social media ads, banner ads or other campaigns, you should use paid content promotions in order to build a solid community around your brand and you will also see the ROI going up.

Content is king, but paid content is above this.

Never underestimate the power of good promoted content and get things done!

Tell me, how do you choose to promote your content and which type of it do you promote?

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